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Rise in Domestic Violence

Police see rise in domestic violence calls amid coronavirus lockdown
Isolation and financial stress can contribute to domestic violence, police and advocates say.

April 5, 2020, 4:52 AM EDT
By Tyler Kingkade

"Reports of domestic violence increased in March in many cities around the country as the coronavirus pandemic spread, according to law enforcement officials — raising concerns about families’ safety as they isolate at home.

Of the 22 law enforcement agencies across the United States that responded to NBC News’ request for data on domestic violence calls, 18 departments said they had seen a rise in March. Houston police received about 300 more domestic violence calls in March than they did in February, a roughly 20 percent increase. Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, police fielded 517 additional calls about domestic violence in March compared to the same month last year, an 18 percent jump, while Phoenix police received nearly 200 more calls, an increase of nearly 6 percent.

“The financial stress alone creates a ticking time bomb for some families with a history of domestic violence,” said Steve Mueller, sheriff of Cherokee County, South Carolina, which saw a 35 percent increase in cases in March compared to February. “Unfortunately many of these domestic violence cases occur in front of children and often the children become victims of abuse and assault, as well.”

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Keep watching the domestic violence statistics...  Watch suicide rates....  Watch businesses fold up and just go away...  Watch once decent people turn on you for simply not agreeing with everything they believe in....  All of this is worse than the virus itself...  
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It's a hard decision to make, for sure.  My son got very depressed when we locked down and still has not bounced back.  It's really been a set back.  I'm also afraid of getting covid.  I think it can be a little unpredictable who is going to have a bad inflammatory response.  I'd rather not risk it.  I also Need the economy to stay strong.  It's important too.  But I don't want to be sick or get someone else sick . . . on it goes.  It's definitely contentious.  People are all tense.  I am not huge on being out and about.  My husband is.  He's not great about staying home . . . so then I'm exposed to wherever he goes and comes into contact with.  I do go to things with my kids but sparingly. I allowed my kids to do their sports and go to school.  

By the way, nice to see you Brice!
In terms of domestic violence, ya. I can see it.  Even though my husband still goes here and there, it's cut down and we are in the house a lot more.  My boys are fighting more.  I have to give myself deep breathing time outs so I don't turn into Mommy Dearest with all three of them (sons AND husband).  It's rough.  I feel horrible for kids that have abusive parents or live in conditions not conducive to support a peaceful life or the learning at home they are being forced to do.  I truly think that unintended consequence is dangerous.
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No Violence here but my wife had the COVID-19. It was early on when the hospitals wouldn't admit you unless you were dying. Long Story Short. she passed out losing 3 teeth and a fractured upper jaw. She works in a Pharmacy so she goy 8 weeks off. After 2 weeks of nursing her, I retreated to my Bed Room and only left when it was completely necessary. I'll admit, there were times I wanted to hit her but, damn it I was scared
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Oh, I'm sorry your wife had COVID-19... I guess it's safe to assume she's recovered now?  Goodness - she must have really taken a tumble to lose 3 teeth and fracture her jaw...  It's good that she has a job that would give her ample time off.  

Nursing someone who is ill is absolutely no fun.  I bet you scared - and probably times you wanted to hit her...  I'm glad you didn't.  lol  Also glad you didn't get the virus, but don't get complacent as it's still possible.
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