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Diabetes in shorter people?


Short people problems?

    *Researchers say height may be a determining factor in the risk of type 2 diabetes.
    *The new study concludes that shorter people are at higher risk.
    *Researchers add that the taller a person is, the lower their risk of diabetes.
    *Experts say conditions such as excess liver fat and blood lipids may be some of the reasons height is a risk factor.
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Kinda, sorta, but maybe not (?) - if you read the whole article... lol

"Ruth Pupo Garcia, a registered dietitian with Adventist Health White Memorial in Los Angeles, cautioned against putting too much emphasis on height over other diabetes risk factors.

“Shorter individuals may be more likely to be overweight, since average food portions are excessive. However, body fat content, not height in particular, would have more of an impact on type 2 diabetes risk,” she told Healthline.

“In other words, if a short-statured person has normal BMI, weight, and body fat, they would have less risk of developing type 2 diabetes… Furthermore a tall obese man… with or without family history of diabetes, and poor eating habits may be at far more higher risk of developing the disease.”

“We must remember that diabetes risk is multifactorial, and we cannot identify risk based on height or on one factor alone,” said Garcia. "  

We can't do anything  about our height - at least I've never figured a way to grow taller - but we can usually do something about our weight and body fat, so trying to stay healthy seems the best way to go.   :-)
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Yes, I read the whole thing, and saw that.

It's a good discussion starter (if not total click bait lol), though? ;)
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