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guess's on weather or not you're having a Boy or a Girl...... and Due Dates....??

I'm due Dec. 1, 2011 and DF & I think this baby will be a boy i should also add my guess is usually wrong lol!! but DF has been right every time =)
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Hi, I'm due Dec. 8th.  We're having twins and I think they're a boy and a girl!
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Im due december 28 and Im guessing a Boy. Husband wants a boy really bad and I dont have a preference. I just want a healthy baby. Im guessing boy...
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im due Dec 1 also and have my first u/s in 1 hr.  Im so excited!!!  I have a dd already so either would be good  for me:)
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Im due December 15th unless it changes and my guess is girl. Only because with my 2 boys i loved chicken mostly buffalo wings. This pregnancy i cant stand chicken or anything spicy. All i want is cheese or food made with cheese and apple sauce.
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i had an ultrasound done yesterday and found out im due Dec. 4th instead of Dec. 1st i still think it might be a boy tho... DF has been gettin nausea just as bad as me and he did that with our son but not with our daughter...... so i wonder if my theory on this will be correct lol!! i know this is mean but i think its only fair that he gets sick as much as i do =) makes him see my point of view a lil better =) i know thats horriably mean but i just had his daughter 5 months ago and i was sick from day one clear up till i dilvered her and now im starting all over again
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I am due December 18 and have my first u/s this Thursday, the 28th.  SO excited!  This is our first baby and we tried for over 3 years so we don't care whether it's a boy or a girl!  If I'm guessing though, I'd say a boy since my husband's family is full of boys.  A girl would be lovely too though!  Or both!  :)  We'll see...
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I'm due Dec21 or 23rd ( don't have official confirmation yet, my ultrasound is on Friday).
I thought I wanted a girl, but now since I'm pregnant I just want a healthy child....
I have some cravings and my diet is upside down! I used to love sweets and didn't eat bread (well, very rarely). Now I am crazy about cheese, cheese crackers, garlic bread, marinated herrings, mainly sour or spicy food...
At one website they have this Chinese Gender Calculator - it's for fun, but some people swear it's correct:)
Good luck to everybody:))
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I just took that Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor quiz and it predicted a girl.  We will see but as I've mentioned before, I just want a healthy baby so either way I will be ecstatic!
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If it's accurate I'm having a girl, too:)
But now it doesn't matter, I will accept 3 boys if that's God's will:)
I just wanna see that heartbeat tomorrow........
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I am due December 21st.

If I had to guess I would say that I am having a girl.  I feel the same way that I did when I was pregnant with my daughter, nothing like when I was pregnant with my son :0)

We will see though!

Congratulations everyone!
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Hi everyone,

I am due December 20th with my third. I have a feeling this is a girl however my husband is equally convinced the baby is a boy. So we shall see:)

ps - The Chinese Calendar was right for my girl but wrong for my boy! I thought overall the wives tales were sorta accurate for both of my kids. (Overall not each and every one of them, but looking at a list of 10 or so and taking the most.)
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the chinese chart was right on all my babies and both my sisters also.... hummmm..... and it says boy =) It dont matter to me what the baby is I'll be happy either way

congratz ladies to all the soon to be noticable belly bumps =)
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hi everyone. i'm new to this and i am trying to use the chinese chart but am confused on the chinese lunar month. help please?

due dec 30. have a boy already. while i won't mind either boy or girl, would like the experience of having a girl. my son though insists on a brother since he has two girl cousins and an older sister (my fiance has a daughter)
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What is your month of concepiton and age at time of conception?  That's what they always ask for.
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Im due on the 2nd of dec, but since i had surgery prev on my fibroids there saying they don't want me to labor. I don't remember being this sick with my daughter but of course that was 18 years ago the baby dad has like 6 boys so i don't no im hoping 4 a girl but hell im 40 as long as it's healthy i'll take either and love them the same.  GOD BLESS YALL THREW YALL PREGNANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm due 12/6 and I'd swear this is a boy. DH wants a boy, I pray for healthy. Following 3 miscarriages we're ecstatic either way!
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I was totally wrong -- it's a girl!  But I love the results all the same and have to stop myself from buying so many cute clothes before I have any baby showers!  :)  Good luck to the rest of you and our babies are such blessings!
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AWESOME My guess was right :) Im having a boy!
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