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DNA paternity question -

Here is my situation:

February 23 : LMP

March 2 : Guy A pulled out (CD 8)

March 6 : Guy B didn't pull out (CD 12)

I have a very regular 27-28 day cycle.

I had been certain it was guy B until my ultrasound at 12 weeks when I measured 8 days larger. My midwife said I may have ovulated early and moved up my due date. That's when I started to freak out.

My US at 20.5 weeks had me measuring only 4 days ahead of my LMP due date. I realize later ultrasounds aren't as accurate.

Do you think chances of it being guy A are pretty slim?
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Did you have any ultrasounds before 12 weeks?
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Also, can you be really specific when you say "my ultrasound at 12 weeks when I measured 8 days larger"? Apply the dates here, such as I had an ultrasound on _____ and the midwife said my due date was now going to be _________."
I did not have any ultrasounds before 12 weeks, unfortunately. My calculated due date was November 30. After my ultrasound, they changed it to November 22. The US at 20.5 was giving a due date of November 26, but they’re not going to change the due date, obviously.
Since ultrasounds in the 12th week are considered to have a margin for error of +/- 7 days if they are used to try to determine when conception was, I guess the answer to your original question is that either guy could be the dad. Your ultrasound that gave you a due date of November 22 suggests conception on March 1, +/- 7 days. It does not help you much, obviously. Both guys are in the range. Have you told guy B that he is the dad, or have you just told him that he might be the dad?
He has no idea he might not be the dad :-(   I guess I should consider a prenatal DNA test.
I have always ovulated around day 14 so I have a hard time believing that sperm from guy A would have been viable, if there was any to start with. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic.
There seems to be a correlation between price and accuracy, so don't go for a cheapo (so-called) "prenatal DNA test" sold over the Internet. Use Ravgen or the DDC. In a fair world, both guys would chip in equally with you, but if you cannot bring yourself to ask Guy B, could you at least ask Guy A to share the cost?
Guy A did say he was willing to pay for it. Problem is... he doesn’t have any money and he’s on drugs. I found this out AFTER stupidly sleeping with him.

I have been in a relationship for several years and have been having unprotected (ejaculating always) sex for about a year and a half. We broke up and I ended up sleeping with guy A. It felt so wrong that I got back together with guy B and he doesn’t know. It’s the first time in the 1.5 years that I’ve had sex close to ovulation. I’m that’s why I really believe it’s guy B.
If the ultrasound that indicated conception at March 1 was wrong by 7 days (because by the 12th week, that is the margin for error), the March 1 date from the ultrasound could be as far off as to be more like March 8. By then, the first guy's sperm would be dead by about a day. It's not particularly cheering to have to rely on the far end of a margin for error to make this scenario work, but in it the first guy could be ruled out.

Because it's so important to know, if you have the opportunity to get the prenatal test (presumably if guy A is on drugs, he has some money sometimes, or you could pay for it yourself) I would sure do it. This is because if you allow your boyfriend to continue to think he is the dad for the whole pregnancy, in the unlooked-for event that you have to tell him he is not, he will be all the angrier because you didn't own up when you first figured out there was even a question.
That’s true! Thank you for your advice.
I had a prenatal paternity test done through Ravgen. Guy B is the father. HALLELUJAH!!!
Great news! I'm glad for all of you.
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Babyboy, I wish I could give you reassurance. Your likely ovulation was March 8th 0r 9th (Feb 23 plus 13 or 14) which ties in with a due date of Nov 30th. On a standard cycle sex Mar 12th would have been too late to catch the egg. Nothing is writ in stone, but if you want to be sure then a paternity test will be in order.
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Thanks for your comment. Guy A was March 2
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