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Im not sure who the father of my baby is!?!

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Who is the Father? Please HELP!!!!!?
Me and my current boyfriend were broken up sometime in July 2013. Well Saturday August 3rd, 2013 I went to a friends house and later to a pool hall where I met a friend of mine there (another guy) and sometime within the weekend we met back up and ended up having sex around the 4th of 5th of August . Then after my current boyfriend decided he wanted to quit playing games with me and leading me to believe there was no hope. He came back the 7th of August and we had sex the 10th of August and got back together the 17th. Well my due date is May 19th, 2014 in which I used to take a conception test and the conception test said I had to of conceived between August 22nd and August 30th which is no where near the time me and the other guy had sex. And I checked with two different doctors at two different locations at two different times and they gave me the same due date, so im pretty sure its right. Please help me!! Its eating away at me inside and im tearing myself up about it and I greatly regret it within my heart. Please don't judge or leave nasty comments.
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Well honestly only uu wud know if ure intentions are sure than go wit it all uu can do on thee safe side is a DNA test dnt feel badd abou whut happened wit thee other guy...but uu do need ta tell ure current bf whut happened so uu guys can work at it together uu cant go thru this alone...i no he wont bee happy but at thee same time it cud bee his baeby too....so take a chance and see if uu can request it wit ure dr...but it looks like its in between thee 2 nah tht im looking at the dates but weigh all options and make a decision soon...ok gudt luck!!
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If two different doctors have told you that it was not the first guy, I would try hard to believe them.  I know a guilty conscience can make it difficult, but they really are in the best position to look at your records and your ultrasound measurements and tell  you what is what.
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Thank you! I told him as soon as the test came up positive. Its quite a relief. I was very upset with myself esp knowing if it wasn't his and it was someone elses he would leave and never come back and I would be on my own for sure. And that honestly scared me badly. I don't wanna do it alone but if I have to I will for my lil one. I'll have my family there though. I'm only 18. But either way my boyfriend wants to have a DNA test done to make sure and so do I just to clear everything up and scratch out all the doubts I fill myself with. I think everything will be okay now. But sometimes I just second guess myself and play the what if game. But again thank you.
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