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Hello , I’m jimeka & I had protected sex June 17th 3 times in one night all with condom on June 29th I went to the health department & got tested of course they gave me a pregnancy test which was negative. I had a following period the next day June 30th which is my normal time to have a period I usually last at least 6/7 days but I’m not sure if this time I did or not . I’m thinking maybe 4/5 days . My boyfriend & I also had unprotected sex June , July like always we never use condoms I got a positive test on July 28th & was thinking maybe I was about 4 weeks going off my LMP . I also went to the health department & had another test done & they said the same thing . I went to the hospital September 10th & they did a ultrasound & told me I was 10&2 days going off LMP & I’m guessing they measured baby & also put 11weeks & 2 days . . My first OB appointment was September 14th & my doctor also measured baby & told me I was 11 weeks & 2 days my due date is March 31, 2019 . . Who could be the father ? As of now I am 26 weeks & 7 days
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Your boyfriend. It sounds like you conceived around July 8. What has given you any doubt?
I guess it’s the fact that I did sleep with another man & that my period wasn’t 7 days as usual well at least I don’t remember . Even if it was the other man would you think sperm from June 17th would’ve survived until the June 29th when I had a negative ultrasound ? I had a little doubt because my doctor told me in person 11 weeks 2 days told me my due was March 31st . . & than when she gave me paper work to go get my blood drawn the paper said , 15 weeks & 3 days I feel in my heart it was a mix up but I’m hopping it was even now I’m about to go have a ultrasound done and nothing has changed everything is still accurate
If you see the same doctor, after the ultrasound, ask the doctor for sure if March 31 is your due date. If so, don't get too wrapped around the wheel over "x weeks x days" numbers because they are always confusing and often contain mistaken assumptions when the woman thinks back on them later. Just use your estimated due date. You can count back with an online conception calculator or count back manually 266 days from your estimated due date (if it was from an ultrasound) to tell when your estimated conception date is.
Thank you I asked her and she said , yes if we were to change it she said it’ll probably be around April 1st-6th . I guess I was just confused much even though I got a pregnancy test June 29th after having sex June 17th I wanted to make sure June all together was excluded period . And even thought I had a period which was Very heavy as normal I was still skeptical.
If you got your estimated due date from an ultrasound, and especially if the ultrasound was relatively early in your pregnancy, always use it and it alone to try to work out your estimated conception date. People get so confused by "weeks  pregnant" counts and they often are mis-remembered or mis-reported, and everyone wastes a lot of time trying to do the math. Just put the estimated due date into an online conception calculator, and go from there.
I did I also got conception July 8
Are you more sure, then? It really sounds OK.
I am for the most part I figure if I had gotten pregnant June 17th I would’ve been due in February around the end .. instead of March 31st .
I'm glad you're seeing the logic. Listen to your doctor and stop worrying.
That last was meant with a smile. :)
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