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I had sex on august 13, 2018, the guy pulled out, I was due for my period august 25th. I traveled and on the 26th, i woke up with blood in my underwear and wore a tampon/pad 4 days. I figured it was my normal period. I than had sex in sept 2 and 8 with another guy. About two and half weeks I started feeling nausea and than when I was suppose to have my period it didn’t come. I took a test the first missed day and it was faded than 4 days after and it was clear. I went to the doctor oct 6 and they said I was 6 weeks 3 days going off of my lmp in august. Is there a chance it could be be guys a. Everything adds up to guy b, and if it was to be guy a, than the doctors have been about a month off. All my appointments are still going toward the due date june 1. Just want to see if i am sure that it is guy b.
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Nothing sounds unusual about your story; it sounds like you had sex and then got a period, then got pregnant the first week of September, thus, the due date of June 1. That matches up with your last period being August 25, and the 6w3d count they gave you on October 6. What is bothering you about it?

Have you had an ultrasound by now (I assume so?) Once they measure the baby (crown to rump) and check other developmental markers, there is no room for doubt. If the size of your baby had not matched when your period came, the doctor would have changed your due date, not ignored the difference because of when your last period came. (Doctors don't say, "Oh, the baby looks a month further along, but forget that -- you had a period." After all, the doc is looking at the actual baby there on the screen. ) Once you have an ultrasound, the date when your last period came is just a historical note in your medical record. If they didn't say anything about changing the baby's due date, you can assume the ultrasound info matched what you told them about your cycles.

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I might also suggest, in the event that this is bothering you a lot when on the face of it, you have zero to worry about -- you might read some of the other posts in this community. You'll find that guilt can play funny tricks on your mind and that often it settles on theories that cannot be true, about the baby's paternity. If there is anything in your situation about which you might feel secretive or guilty (such as, you are worried that the more important man to you will find out about the other man), it's not very uncommon at all to have this kind of thought pattern. Your dates do not suggest any problems, so try not to fret. :)
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