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pls answer

sex guy A 7/17
no period came
sex guy B 8/20
1st ultrasound Sept 14 was 5 wks and 4 dys edd based on my ultrasound is 5/13
then on sept 27 based on the ultrasound may edd is may 15.

who is the father?
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The second guy, based on your ultrasounds' due dates.
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im scared that it might be the july guy cause i read in one of your comments that ultrasound can be off for about 3 weeks?
Late ultrasounds can't be used to determine conception with any reliability. They can be off by three weeks if done at week 40 of your pregnancy. Early ultrasounds are not off by three weeks.

A baby begins as one cell. It divides into two the next day, and four the day after, and eight the day after, and so on, at a known rate for several weeks. Only after about week 7 do embryos begin to vary in how fast they grow, with some babies growing faster than others. Your ultrasounds were very early. They point to conception right around when you had sex with the second guy.

Have you had a DNA test? If not, why not?
i cant because the 2nd guy might leave me
Wanted to help . Early ultrasounds are said to be accurate within 5 days . It’s hig unlikely that it would ever be more than a week and half off much less three weeks . You can send a toothbrush into Ravgen so your boyfriend doesn’t know . That’s what I did . It’s expensive for the dna test but it’s the best peace of mind . I truly don’t think you have anything to worry about
hi thanks for the answer .. but what. do you mean it is accurate within 5 days?
I’m sorry I’m trying to understand your concerns . Above I read that you believe the estimated due date based on an early ultrasound could be up to three weeks off . That’s highly unlikely . I am 31 weeks pregnant and I have the same issue with paternity so I used Ravgen . I researched so many things and learned in the process . You don’t have to tell the other guy if you get a dna . I never had the guts to tell my boyfriend so I took his toothbrush and sent it off along with a mouth swab of my one night stand . If you got your ultrasound done after 20 weeks then yes they are less accurate but 3 weeks is still a lot to be off bu .
hi ladygirl.. but in your own opinion and based on your research do you think there is no chance july guy be the father? thanks for your kind reply
No I don’t . Three weeks in an early ultrasound is rare . If this was a super late uktrasound then I’d say maybe but still it’s almost a months off . I think you’re just freaking out like I did
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Sugar, you said you can't do a DNA test for the baby because the second guy might leave you. What are the circumstances in which he would leave? Obviously he is not going to learn he is not the dad, he will learn he is the dad. A lot of guys (especially unmarried ones) like to have that confirmation before they sign up for a lifetime of supporting a child. Are you concerned that if he thought you had sex with someone else he would leave despite being the father of your child? What is the relationship like, are you two going to be married? In other words, is it shaky or strong?
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i just dont want the july guy ....
If your fear is that the child's dad would figure out from the need to do a test that you had a reason you were worried, why don't you just do a test with the July guy? I wouldn't even suggest testing except that you are clearly so worried that you will never believe the date evidence unless you have a DNA test.
im sorry annie .. but do you really think i dont need to based on the medical evidences?
Your ultrasound was in the range where there is no margin for error. Only by week 7 or 8 do you even see doctors give a margin for error at all, and it's only +/- 1-2 days. Then by week 12, they will say the margin for error is +/- 7 days, and so on. When you went in for your first and second ultrasounds, what estimated due date were you given from the ultrasound info? You should be able to confirm the ultrasound evidence with your due dates.
yes my last ultrasoud sept 27 shows 7 weeks and 1 day -/+ 3days
based on my 1st ultrasound edd is may 13 sept 14  ultrasound 5 weeks and 5 days with no heart beat then 2nd ultrasound edd is may 15 that was sept 27 says im 7 weeks and 1 day +/- 3 days
Well, so, I assume you put all of this information into a calculator. And if the ultrasound itself said a margin for error that is not immense, it's hard to see why you are so worried. Everything points to the August 20 guy.
maybe im worrying over nothing
Well, let's just say you are pitting your layperson's worries against medically trained people who do their jobs correctly day after day, year in and year out.
thanks annie maybe i should believe my medical evidences . and stop worrying
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