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I just want to know who the father of my unborn child ?

My lmp dated last nov.11 right after my period i had unprotected sex to guy#1 nov 15 4 times. Nov 16 and nov 25 i had sex to guy#2 but he did not finished inside me. I cant remember the exact date I had my pregnancy test but that was 3rd week of december. But i had my first ultrasound when i was 28 weeks pregnant and 4 days dated May 29. The ultrasound base on my last period but i got confused by the date of my lmp so i said to the ob is nov 16 but it should be nov. 11.
My ultrasound said my due date is august 14.
Can you someone help me to figure out who the father of my baby bec. Its stressing me out.
Thank you
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If you had a positive pregnancy test on December 23, as you said in your prior post, that is a bit early for the sex from the two latter times having sex that you mentioned in your last post (November 25 and November 28) to have caused the pregnancy, but it is probably still possible if you did an "early results" test. You say here that your period began on the 11th, but said above that it began on the 12th. Are your cycles super regular and come like clockwork every 28 days without ever varying? If they are not, you could have ovulated at a different point than the classic two weeks after your period begins.
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No. Sometimes my period came in different days ( 26 28 and sometimes after 30 days) . I stated nov. 11 bec thats when i have a lightly bleeding but nov. 12 is the day were i had a normal flow of bleeding. Bec . Sometimes honestly i get confused when a period should start. The first bleed or the second.
My expected period that time is dec.9 but it didn't happen. Im afraid to take the test that time so it tooks me weeks later to take the pregnancy test. Guy#2 is my boyfriend and he knew about guy#1 bec. I told him everything nothing more nothing less. I already got conversation with guy#1 but he refused to believe in me bec. We had sex right after my period. I told everthing to my boyfriend. At first He stay and support me eventhough i got pregnant with guy#1 but months later he maybe realized what i did to him was absolutely a sin. As i mention in my last post recentlty i had a doubt that maybe my boyfriend is the father but he did not believe me anymore in any kind of explanation i said to him.
Isn’t a month after unprotected sex plenty of time to pull a positive pregnancy test result? I thought 21 days after intercourse would absolutely pull an accurate result at that time...
You're right, georgiam, if the test was done December 23, it would be valid if the conception was a month earlier. I was thinking of something else. My error.

Orion, given all you have said in both posts, I agree with ppowb. Your choices for the sex that produced the pregnancy would be on the 16th (and there would have to be some long-lasting sperm if so. Also, those earliest two pregnancy tests would not have been faint if you had gotten pregnant from sex on the 16th). Then the next possible date is the 25th despite the fact that your boyfriend pulled out, and as everyone is telling you, pulling out is not an infallible way to prevent pregnancy. There is also the possibility of the 28th, but it seems a bit late, except that your period was not expected until the 9th. However, the 25th really looks like the most logical date.

Has your boyfriend run off? In what country do you live? Can you go to a judge and get a summons so your boyfriend will do a DNA test?
He didn't run off maybe he just want to take some time to think. And YES  we can do the dna test here legal.
Is there a chance that my boyfriend is the father ?
From when you were expecting your next period, and the fact that "pulling out" does not prevent pregnancy, the 25th looks like the most logical date. Was that your boyfriend?
Yes thats my boyfriend
Pulling out doesn't prevent pregnancy. Simply tell him that by the dates, he is the most likely person to be the father, and that you fully expect him to do a DNA test when the baby is born. You have not said in what country you live, so it isn't possible to say whether you can enforce his doing a DNA test. (In the U.S., a judge would write a summons and he would be required to take a test.) If such authority is available to you, take advantage of it.
Thank you so much.
This will be a big help for me .
Hello . My baby is a girl and i read about shettle method. If you want a baby girl you should have sex 2 to 3 days before your ovulation and if you want baby boy you should have sex way long days before your ovulation ??
Or the other way around ??
Shettles doesn't really help here, because you don't know when you ovulated (or how certain Shettles even is as a method). Sorry.
"In 1979, a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine ... demonstrated that male fetuses were more often produced when intercourse occurred closest to ovulation, which is consistent with the Shettles method. However, in 1991 a smaller study published in The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology produced opposite results, which demonstrated that significantly fewer male births occur when conception takes place during ovulation. Another study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1995 refuted all claims that timing of intercourse affected the outcome of a fetus’s sex, and argued that there was no association between the two."

So, as you can see, Shettles is not going to answer your question.

Again, I'm sorry there is no absolute answer. You're going to have to do the DNA test when the baby comes.
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Last period began Nov 11th, ovulation would have been most likely Nov 25th. Sex on cycle day 4 Nov 15 is not likely to result in pregnancy. My guess is that guy #2  came a bit inside even if he finished outside. Maybe he fooled around some more after finishing. Due date based on period alone would be August 18th no matter who the father. Best of luck going forward.
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I hope that would be guy#2. But he is so sure that he did not came in me.  I already said that to him but he did not believe in me. So i just accept the fact that maybe he is not the father.
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