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Is non invasive paternity tests from ddc accurate?

I got a 0% on the guy I really didnt want with a non invasive paternity test while preg now I've read such horror  stories I'm stressed always. Can anyone tell me please that their 0% results ended up being accurate from ddc pls
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Thinking of you xtina and hoping you're through the most of it by now. I'm sorry your boyfriend didn't get to be in there the whole time with you.
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I tested with ravgen. In labor now. I’m having an anxiety attack. I can’t stop crying .. I’m 2 cm dilated with contractions every 5 min for 12 hours with a mask on my face alone. Please keep me in your prayers
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I will pray I know it's  scarey girl let the lord be with you and your child. Please come back on here and let me kn oi w what happens. My prayers are with you.
Let me know girl If everything was ok and if your results were correct If you would.That would mean the world to us. Even if you want to test again and let us know how that came back pls and thank you. Congratulations  on your little one :)
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We get a lot of reports in this particular forum about labs, and the usual complaint is that the woman does not believe the test, not that the science of the test was faulty or the test was done wrong. If the sample got to the DDC in good condition, and these days it always does, you can trust the results. Period. If you've been reading horror stories, check the dates. When prenatal DNA testing was very new (several years ago) we would occasionally hear a complaint. But it often came from really crappy labs (there were some then, probably all out of business now), or from the woman simply not believing the result (but nothing wrong with the lab work), or the guy faking the test (which is I think not so possible now. In the old days, they didn't photograph the guy and his ID, and I think they always do, now.)

Please read my other answer to you, also. You went through hell, and what will help you more is learning what to do about the trauma of what happened, more than assurances about the testing. The tests from the DDC are good, your experience was horrible, and what will help you more than stressing about the test right now is trying to work through the hurt of the bad situation in which you found yourself. You made good choices, and nobody should tell you otherwise, now work on healing your heart and caring for yourself, from being put into such an awful spot.



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I feel your anxiety. I tested through ravgen and I get so much anxiety all the time. But I’ve read so many good things about both DDC and Ravgen and usually when someone has something negative they don’t ever come back to say their test really wasn’t accurate. Instead they disappear (once they likely realize their test was accurate and they didn’t like the results).

When’s your due date. I’m in a very similar situation and I’m praying that the science is accurate for us all!!
I'm due  Oct 7th and Im super scared because I keep hearing that this test isnt as accurate as when the baby is born from different posts but ddc says of course it's just as accurate  and  that its 99.999 % They say they stand by the results today. When are you due if you don't  mind me asking?
I pray every day it's  accurate.. I will come back on here and update with you and let you know. If I can help anyone not go through the stress that I have esp if it is accurate  I will for sure.
I’m due at the end of September and I will come back as well.

I will lose my whoe livelihood if the test isn’t accurate and decided to keep the baby solely on the results of the test so I feel this stress.

Where have you read of it not being accurate?
I feel the exact same as you do for sure. I read posts on different websites but Idk how credible they are. I heard the last five yrs the test at ddc has been acreddited  and perfected though so you might want to look at the dates if you look around on different boards. I have been reading lately on ********** about ddc and some  girls over the recent yrs have been saying that their test results ended up being right. So I'm really calming down and just trying to believe my results. I've been suffering and going through hell enough. Now  I just have to play the waiting game. Ive prayed a lot and have my fingers crossed
It blocked out what website you said but yeah it’s so scary reading other peoples forums claiming the results were wrong and even more frustrating when they don’t come back to confirm.

I went through Ravgen instead of DDC.

But yes. I pretty much torture myself daily and I’m so terrified.

On one website forum that I follow one of the mommas just gave birth and said she has taken one look at her son and knows that Ravgen is wrong and it’s freaking me out. That just happened today. She took a post-birth and promised to come back to update. She should have the results at the very latest on Monday and I’m going nuts waiting for her results. So silly because it’s not changing the fact that I already kept this baby.

What a nightmare.
I know me too. It's  so scarey to me.. I just keep wondering how this is going to ruin my life but I'm still here going through with it ugh..smdh .. This is so hard and stressful. I went with ddc cause I heard they were the only ones acreddited  for prenatal testing but I'm still soo scared. I hope all of our tests come back accurate. I know it would change my life and make me so happy as I'm sure it will all of us. I hope people arent just trolling to scare us the ones that are really going through this nightmare and really need accurate  help. Shame on anyone who can do that and stress out pregnant woman and have them get abortions because it. Its terrible.. I hope her results come back the same to help put y'alls minds at ease. Even mine . Even if I didnt go through raven It will still help a little  gb
Yeah. I really don’t think they mean to be trolling I just don’t think they love their outcome of their results and have a hard time accepting it or believing it. (At least this is what I’m telling myself for my own sanity, but I keep checking back on the other forum obsessively waiting for her to respond.)

I wish  I had enough money to test again through DDC because it is reassuring that they’re accredited and I think the extra assurance would really put me at ease but who knows. I might just be as paranoid.

I’ll keep you posted
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