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I wanted to come back and update on this site so that other women could have peace of mind . I spend 9 months of worry over paternity for my pregnancy . I had slept with two men close to my conception date . I used ravgen around 7 weeks and they confirmed the baby was In fact my boyfriends . I still was so worried so I called ravgen who was amazing and they ran the test again at 24 weeks. It was still months of worry as along the way I questioned if the test was right . My boyfriend had no clue and my life would have been ruined if the test had been wrong . I called ravgen weekly and they were always amazing at asnwring my questions . I’m writing this review so that other women in my situation can find peace . My daughter is now here and ravgen confirmed my results after birth and my baby looks a lot like my boyfriend . I wouldn’t have made it through the 9 months hell without this site and their services . Any women going through this are welcome to message me . I made a promise that once my baby was born I’d come back and confirm for others to know ❤️ Now looking back I wish I had not ruined 9 months of pregnancy stressing and just trusted the test
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Thank you so much for coming back on here and confirming for us. I too am going through the 9 months of hell The guy I tested was a guy that took advantage of me and I had to beg him for a whole month just to do the test I was so embarrassed  and ashamed and scared to cause problems and put doubt in my bfs head. I even had to pay for it smh..Anyways I got the exclusion I prayed for now I'm scared over my results  as well.. It means the world for people like me to hear positive  stories  and correct  results. I pray every day all throughout the day that my test results are right. I too will come back after I get my results to try to help anyone who needs it. Lord please be with all of us and let the results be right ❤
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I plan to do the same. I am due September. It’s a nightmare but I’ve heard so many great things about ravgen that I’m trying to stay as positive as I can. Stay strong momma we got this. Praying for anyone in this situation. It sucks and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone
I loved this story but ravgen doesn't  do after birth testing only non Invasive when the babies in your  belly. Sorry but I already asked because I wanted to do after birth testing with a different  company for reassurance  
Deja, it might be that ladygirl was saying Ravgen arranged for follow-up testing, or possibly they have changed their policy about doing post-natal testing (of their own), perhaps she will write in and clarify. But I would not let that discrepancy make you call what she said here is a "story" or write it off in any way. She had a really frightened time of it and wrote in many times, both on the open forum and in private messages to me, and nothing that she wrote sounded inauthentic. MedHelp does get trolls (and the scare stories they invent cause a boatload of trouble), but this was not one of them. She was a genuinely scared pregnant lady with the problem that she couldn't bring herself to believe medical results, just like many women who write in here. When she had the baby and all was well, she wrote that she couldn't believe she put herself through such hell and recommended other women try not to do that.  

If I could wave a magic wand and say one thing to women in your position and have it be believed, that would be, prenatal DNA testing is accurate. (Except for cases of downright fraud, such as the guy sent his lookalike buddy to take the test. But even the collecting labs are getting much better at the security end of things and we haven't even heard stories like that for a long time either.) Ten years ago when prenatal DNA testing was new, a lot of bad labs jumped in and did bad work. But by now, this has apparently weeded itself out or the bad ones went out of business. It has been a long time since we've heard a credible story (even with some of the less well-known labs) of a problem. Also, the labs being discussed here are not some fly-by-night outfit out of Canada, they are the biggest labs out there, which makes them huge lawsuit targets if there is a mistake. They have millions and millions of reasons to get it right.  

Anyway, ladygirl has said she will write in when someone has a real problem believing her results, remembering what a bad time she had. New mommies with babies and toddlers are busy, so she might not. But if she does, maybe she will see this. I hope that you also write in when you get your final results after the baby is born, for the same reason. Your problem will have been solved, but there are always new women writing in with the same fears, and it helps a lot more for them to hear from someone who has gone through the exact same anxiety than it helps them to hear from me.

I have spoken with her via message directly and she is so wonderful.  I think it was an error in typing as I know she tested with PTC labs and DDC post birth to confirm her ravgen results, not ravgen.
Thanks for writing in, Rockyroad, I thought it was something like that.
Of course!!!  I still worry constantly too and every time I look at my ultrasound pics I only see the other man but I’m praying and trying to stay hopeful and rational. I get the fear. I wouldn’t wish this type of misery on anyone. It’s so hard when it’s supposed to be such a happy moment thats already inherently stressful. But I can say — ladybird is legit!
Dejah, was your exclusion from ddc correct after birth?
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