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prenatal paternity test

im having severe anxiety. especially with everything going on in the world makes my fears and anxiety worse. I took a prenatal paternity test with ravgen back at in dec 2019 and im about to have my baby in a month. im so scared my results could be wrong due to past polls and forums on MedHelp stating that they were. I constantly obsess and read things about the company on the internet. My question:  can ravgen be trusted? how can I help subside this anxiety and fear I feel? help.
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I'm thinking of you and hoping that when you have the baby, some of the hormonal effects will fall away and you will get over your anxiety. Why didn't they let the dad be with you when you were in labor? I think that some hospitals are letting *one* person in the room, even now.
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My boyfriend went in with me to do the test. So re bringing it up bothers him. He doesn’t understand why i keep digging. He doesn’t understand how i feel and it makes me feel so bad bringing it up
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I don' t know if you have found the following list already when you were reading in the DNA/Paternity community, but it might help you sort things out.

In the DNA/Paternity community, it's not uncommon to hear from someone that just can't bring themselves to believe the DNA test even if they got the result they wanted. Every woman having the problem (of unfounded panic over the DNA test being wrong), has a different reason she is anxious.  It could be guilt over her behavior.  It could be catastrophizing ("my whole life will end!). It could be worry she won't be a good parent, or wishing the other guy was the dad and being ashamed of it, or not being happy in the relationship with the dad, or fear of childbirth, or feeling God will punish her, or not really wanting to be a mom, or shame at being an "unwed mother," or having a disapproving parent, or it could be something else entirely. If the woman were to parse out the worry, she can see that there are things she could do about it, but it's too deep and feels too scary.  

When such a feeling drives anxiety, the brain hates it. A person's mind in this kind of stress often lets the anxiety settle on something more cut-and-dried, that to the brain feels more controllable. (Like obsessing over a test result.)  If you address your underlying fears directly, your manufactured fears will begin to go away.

It sounds like what is driving your obsessive worry over the testing is fear about survival. But if you and your boyfriend were to break up, I assume you'd just go home, right? Meaning, you're not helpless, or trapped, you have options. Think about what your real worries are, and knock each one down with a plan, and stop hurting your boyfriend by crying about another DNA test. Getting one won't calm you down.
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Here, check out this thread. It might help you put things in perspective.

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It does make me feel better reading especially since it’s so recent. It’s just the fact there were several almost 5 girls or more saying the results were wrong other then the troll supermom. I can’t tell if these were women unhappy with their results or other trolls also. I noticed you have been a part of these blogs for quite some time now.. you do have faith in the company? The other guy was a condom also. And my boyfriend and i had been trying for year and i had no luck .. i think the anxiety of timing also just makes me have so much fear. I have absolutely no one to talk about this with.. i know it’s a scary and hard time for everyone.. i just wish i was happier and not so scared.
It has been too long ago to remember the background of that 2012 thread; sometimes back then collecting labs didn't ask for ID and men would send a buddy in their place to do the swab, and the trusting woman would then write to us and accuse the lab doing the processing of making a mistake. I know we did once have two trolls on one thread, or one troll using two names. Maybe that is the thread you found. (Or maybe not.)

The point is, Internet stories aren't always to be taken at face value, and searching out Internet stories to conform to your worst fears while refusing to be reassured by those that contradict your worst fears, will do nothing to cure your anxiety. You had a genuine medical test done by a legitimate lab. I suggest you don't waste your important time obsessing about it being wrong for one more minute.

Regarding your anxiety, maybe ladygirl, who answered the distraught poster in the link I cited, might be willing to give you some helpful insight. You could try sending her a p.m.  and asking if she would mind posting in on this thread. She is really straightforward about what it meant to (what she called) ruin her pregnancy with obsessive worry, and I think will basically tell you, "Don't do what I did." It's more helpful to hear it from someone like her than someone like me, I think.

A last thing I'll say is that many times in this community, a woman will write in saying she doesn't trust a DNA test result when deep in her heart, it's not the test that she's really worried about. It's sometimes easier for the brain to settle anxiety on a cut-and-dried question (like paternity), than to address a more difficult or scary issue. Work on what you are most worried about (hint: it's not who the baby's daddy is, or you would have stopped worrying when you got the lab result), and the worry about paternity will start to fade away.

Good luck, and though I know this is a very eerie time, tomorrow *will* be better. We'll get through this, the jobs will come back, and things will thrive again.
ps -- I did just read through the long, long thread you cited above, to see if it was the one with the guy who had faked his test. It actually doesn't contain five or six women who said their results were wrong, please read it again. A few said that their initial reaction to the test was that the results couldn't be right, and at the time of the posts one woman was going to have to go to court to get the guy to retest. But even one who insisted the results couldn't be right because they indicated a guy with whom she had a one-night stand and not her boyfriend, posted back at the end of the thread to say that after the baby was born she had retested and the original results were confirmed. Oh, also, this is the post with both of our known trolls.

In short, don't worry about that thread, pay attention to more recent information. Labs photograph the guy and his ID now, and there is much more data showing the legitimacy of prenatal testing.
How can i confirm my results ? My boyfriend and i fought today when i had a chance to do the amnio for a genetics screening due to my baby getting diagnosed with kidney dysplasia and i wanted to test for dna but he didn’t want too. I’ve been upset crying all day. How can i confirm? I called ravgen they said their positive it’s right all sites matched for dna. I just want to put this behind me and live the life i deserve with my baby. I already worry about the kidney issues but now this it’s too much for me i can’t deal with this. I wish i would’ve done the amnio so i had conformation and could move on
Do you have a therapist? Medical anxiety is a b**ch and you really aren't going to solve it by getting more DNA tests. All you will do is doubt the backup test too, until you deal with your anxiety.  

Please don't dump this on your boyfriend any more. Probably every time you talk about it, he feels like you are stabbing him in the heart by reminding him that you had sex with someone else. Guys are very primal about this, much more jealous and hurt than you would expect. You're going to be a mama now, and you will need sometimes to be able to keep your worries to yourself in order to love and support someone else, rather than dumping your woes onto them. And your concerns are irrational. His job is not to be the punching bag.

You went to the top lab, they did the test and there were no errors, no need for a retake, or any problems. Try really hard to let this information in, and don't take counsel of fears that aren't real.
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Hi xtina1113. Will you come back to confirm once your baby is born if you do decide to retest. For those of us still waiting it would give a HUGE peace of mind.

I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping everything works out. I’ve done a TON of searching for negative ravgen reviews and have found what Annie said to be true. They accuse of false results because they don’t like the results (which I get it, I would probably do the same and be in denial), and then they leave and never return to respond. One of the girls (probably the same one Annie is referring) was claiming her results were incorrect but post birth came back and said ravgen was actually correct.

Stay strong. One more month! You’ve got this!
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Hi, what past polls and forums on MedHelp have stated that your results are wrong? Could you post a link?
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Yes of course let me find it
I live out of state away from my family and friends and live with my boyfriend who the test said was the father. I will be left with nothing if this test is wrong. I am not in contact with other man infact hardly know him because I was taken advantage under the influence. I have no way of ever contacting him again and I got laid off after everything happening with corona virus. I already have suicidal thoughts. I had this baby due to the results which was an inclusion with my boyfriend. I will be having this baby alone with him as the only one by my side because my family and friends can not come to the hospital or  visit me due to the virus. if these results are wrong...I will not be okay.
Supermom 0122 was a troll. The person posted the exact same post about two different sites, using the exact language (except in one, the poster said "good ole Ravgen" and the other he or she said "good ole DDC"). If you read this site, you'll find a lot of people who have reported back that Ravgen was accurate. I'll see if I can find a link the most recent one, and will post it.

There are real things to worry about in the world, don't add to the load by thinking some troll's post from 8 years ago outweighs your medical results from the best lab in the world at this kind of testing.
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