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who am i pregnant by

my lmp was june 23rd- june 28th on my flo app it said i had a 26 day cycle i kinda had sex with guy1 june 29th but we didnt finsh cause he was hurting me and when i moved from him he begin to ejaculate but not inside me i had sex on july 4th with guy2 he ejaculated inside me i took a pregnancy test july 14th im not pregnant didnt think nothing of it thought i was in the clear then july 17th i had sex again with guy2 july 21st i took another pregnancy test im pregnant i dont see my new obgyn until augst 23rd but who can be the father im nervous
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It sounds like guy 2, though a lot depends on how many months' data gave you the calculation that you have 26-day cycles. If this is from months and months of records, that's good. If you haven't used the app very long, it's not as useful.

If you can get an appointment sooner than August 23, do it. (You might try calling them and saying you'll take a cancellation.) What you're after is to get an ultrasound scan at that appointment, and this next week would be better than the week after.
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thank you , and ive been using the flo app since February and i always thought i had a 28 day cycle but when i look at the app overall it said i have 25-27 day cycle
plus i had sex with guy2 on my ov day which was in my fertile window
Hmm, using the app 'since February' isn't "since February of 2018" or anything, but it's better than if you had no record at all. The problem will be if your menstrual months vary, like, 30 days followed by 24 days followed by 27 days followed by 32 days. If that's the case, the first day of your last period is not going to help with estimating when your next ovulation came. Women ovulate two weeks before their next period, not two weeks after their last period. This means a woman whose cycles vary could have a long month (say, 31 days) and ovulation would be on day 17, followed by a short month (for example, 25 days) and ovulation would on day 11. And if she got pregnant, she would have no way to know how long that menstrual month would have been, so no way to guess when ovulation had occurred. If your cycles are more regular, you can feel more safe in thinking your ovulation was when it might be expected given a 25-27 day cycle.

I should mention that sometimes doctors won't do an ultrasound in the woman's first appointment. You should call and ask if you'll get an ultrasound on the 23rd. If they say you won't, see if you can find somewhere else to go to get one.

This is time-sensitive because you can tell how long a baby has been in existence by looking at various markers by ultrasound, but as a pregnancy progresses, some babies develop faster and some develop slower, so ultrasounds get less and less useful (for determining an estimated conception date) as pregnancy goes along. (By your 40th week, they can be three weeks off.) Your best time frame for trying to determine when conception was using an ultrasound is 6 or 7 weeks since the first day of your last period. That means next week is already a week late, but probably still will help. After that point, though, you really can't get a lot of certainty from ultrasounds because you don't really know how fast or slow your baby is developing.  

If the doctor's office fobs you off for an ultrasound to some future date like your 18th week, and you can't find another doctor who will do an ultrasound right away, you'll have to go the route of doing a DNA test. Prenatal DNA tests exist but are very costly. You can also wait until the baby is born and do a DNA test by swabs. It would obviously be a lot easier if you could get an ultrasound now.

Good luck! See the list in the first post at the top of this DNA/Paternity community for more info. Write back when you find out if your doctor will do an ultrasound next week.
Regarding your comment, "plus i had sex with guy2 on my ov day which was in my fertile window" -- it's your "ov day" and your fertile window only if the app got things right. But if you have menstrual months that vary in length, the app would not be able to tell you exactly what happened with ovulation that particular month. So, get the ultrasound.
i got a ultrasound yesterday im 9 weeks and 5 days
went to see obgyn for my ultrasound sep 22 and im 13 weeks 4 days my due was march 26 thats what i saw on the screen but she didnt tell me i saw that due date on mt own but decided to keep it at march 30th
The likely reason the doctor decided to keep the due date of March 30 is because an ultrasound at 9 weeks is usually better for determining the due date than an ultrasound at 13 weeks. (The baby might be growing a little faster than average, and that would make the earlier ultrasound more accurate.)

Unfortunately, the ultrasound you had on August 25 could also be off by a few days; only ultrasounds done in week 6 or 7 are likely to be spot-on to the day. (This is why I pressed you to get an earlier ultrasound.) The ultrasound that said you were 9 weeks 5 days suggested conception was on July 2. But with the margin for error for a ninth-week ultrasound being plus or minus three or four days, the dad could be either guy.

Obviously the second guy is more in the running than the first because of the nature of the sex. But you can't entirely rule out the possibility of the first guy, it's going to take a DNA test to know for sure.

If you read the material at the top of the DNA/Paternity community, you'll see that you can get a DNA test done before the baby is born, if you have the high cost to do it. Or, get both possible dads, the baby, and you swabbed at the hospital after the baby is born, for about a tenth of the cost of a prenatal test. But you do need to test. Sorry it's not a slam dunk for either guy, but they were just too close together.
i understand that thank you for responding i had a hard time getting a appointment ealrier when i first found out i was pregnant because everybody was either booked or not taking new patients it was very stressful but i will do a dna test again thank you
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