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Low Back Pain

A few weeks ago I was on vacation and woke up one morning with severe back pain. I could hardly walk, getting up from lying down or sitting was horrible. My husband took me to the ER where I was told it was a muscle spasm. I was given medication a shot and hoped for the best. I managed the 2 hour flight home and went to see my MD.Again told muscle spasm, given more medication and to go for physical therapy. Between my last MD appt and physical therapy I began having numbness and tingling in my foot and pain radiating down my right leg. My PT told me I had a slipped disc which was causing pain in my sciatic nerve. To make a long story short, I've had an MRI which shows a herniated disc and a cyst. My MD is sending me to a Neurosurgeon, which is scheduled for next week. PT has helped a great deal for my back, but the sciatic nerve in my leg seems to be giving me a hard time. Does anyone have any informatin as to what this all may mean?
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