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Need help with DDD and in pains

I am 45 and have DDD, 2 in the neck and 3 in the lower back from auto wreck in the 1993. I have weakness in arm with numbing, tingling and pains in neck plus shooting thru arm.
In the lower back- have pains in butt area and shooting pains thru leg, tingling in butt and leg and today lose bowel movement and bladder control without feeling it twice.

I was fine till these are showing up now and never had plms before.

Thank for you time. DocBlaze
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Hi All,

I am new to this forum, normally on the fibromyalgia forum.  I have DDD and I was just told by a Neurologist that I have cervical spondylosis.  I looked it up and it has all the symptoms of DDD.  I don't understand.  I feel your pain, I also take Neurontin and a host of other pills.  I too have the bladder issue as well.  Is it DDD or cervical spondylosis?There is only on thing that is different and that's the neck pain.  I have to look up the two to see for sure what the difference is.  I am 47 and was in a car accident 9 years ago.  I hope everything works out for you docblaze.

God Bless You
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hi yes all the symptoms you've mentioned are all of DDD. In the lower back will cause pain in the butt area and shooting pains down the legs...this is usually sciatica and my sciatica has been undercontrol for last 5 yrs with a medication called neurotin..its a life saver for that complaint....with DDD there can also be loss of bowel and bladder control, perhaps the affected nerve is now being pinched off more so than in the past? this is just an assumption on my part. My bowels haven't been affected so far, but I do have some problems with my bladder. there just isn't any warning time if I get the signal I had better be 2' away from a toilet, I compensate by wearing pads when I go out(just in case) and I find a bathroom every half hour as a precaution...not a pleasant thing to deal with. and your are only 45 yrs old that is so unfortunate for you, do you see a neurologist? are you on any medications?
I hope I have answered some of you're questions.
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