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doctor in germany for adhesive arachnoidits

I was recently diagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis, which is a very painful degenerative disaese of the spinal cord.  I have done a lot of research, and there is hardly any medical center here in the states deals with this.  Most physicians don't even know of this not too common disease (listed under the national organization for rare diseases).  There is a very well known neurosurgeon in Germany who is very knowledgeable about this disease, though, and has surgical options to help those dealing with this.  Has anyone on this forum who might also have AA seen Dr. Jan-Peter Warnke (Paracelsus-Klinik in Zwickau, Germany) and if you have, is it difficult to get an appointment to see the doctor?  Do you know anyone who has seen him?  I will probably have to send a copy of my MRI before I can be accepted as a patient.  Hopefully I will have that opportunity.  Any info from anyone in terms of contacting this doctor and/or personal experiences with this doctor (or this disease) is totally appreciated.  Thank you
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Contact me at ***@****, I have information about Proffesor Warke, we saw him last year. Rich
How did it go???
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