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symptoms chronic joint cracking all over

HI there
For the past year and a half I have felt my joint areas degenerating - there is a lot of cracking in all my joints at all time at this stage. All day every day and night. It started in my shoulders and has moved all over my body. I also had testicular cancer, and one treatment of chemo and syphillis last year. Rheuamtology tests have comeup negative and doctors are at a loss for what is going on. Am fully recovered at this time from both.  Also beginning to feel numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers.  Also it is not just cracking, there is strange movement and sometimes I have mild involuntary twitching though it is becoming more frequent.
It is quite extreme and at the moment a bit scarey.
Does this sound like anything to anyone?
I am 32
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The triptoline sisters ami and nori are known to have you craving carbs like mad,try cymbalta ask your dr.
I have had fibromyalgia for twenty plus years,it needs to be diagnosed by a dr. And he will perform a trp test this is equal and reactive pain on both sides of the body at all the joint sites.they want me to get acupuncture but no one is stickin pins in me.but good luck to you.just be honest and direct with your symptoms, if your answers seem off,get a second,third or fourth opinion.everyone has one right...good luck.thay
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I'm going to try the gluten thing, but I'm in the same boat as a lot of the folks on this forum.  Also, constipation seems to result from the muscle tightness though it may also be the cause or symptom of a larger correlated issue (i.e. gluten).

I've found that regular exercise varying between cardio, strength training, and flexibility provide all of the balance needed to "reallign" myself without alternative treatments.  I still pop, but doing so is natural and effortless as opposed to previous straining to pop and hopefully alleviate the discomfort.  

Obviously this does take some dedication and knowledge of anatomy/physiology to target push/pull muscles and prevent further injury, but I honestly feel our global society has taken advantage of medicine in lieu of common sense to where the mind-body connection is no longer respected as a necessity.

If depression is associated with muscle pain, fatigue, constipation, and other symptoms commonly described by all of these replies, I highly recommend a gradually increasing exercise routine first (no pain no gain, but don't kill yourself if you are un-athletic), and attention to diet second.
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If you're having joint pain and migraines it sounds like symptoms of lyme disease.
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I started out popping my knuckles when I was a kid for fun.  But when I became an adult it felt good and relaxing so I started doing it to other parts of my body such as the back, knees, and wrists.  Now as I have gotten older sometimes they pop for no apparent reason.  I feel that it is more of a nervous bad habit (except for when they pop by themselves).  When I do it on purpose I read that it stretches the nerves and that's what makes it feel so good.  My parents do it too but not as bad as me.  But now they have managed to stop the habit.  I am still struggling to stop the habit.  This habit drives my friends crazy.  I feel embarrassed when a cute guy notices me and then I gross him out by popping on accident or purposely (i have been doing it for so long sometimes I do not realized i do it until afterward).
I think its just a bad out of control habit but partly genetic.  I am still trying to stop it.  Someone told me that sometimes the popping is so loud in certain bones that it sounds like I am breaking something.  Thankfully I have no pain but some of my joints do grind when i walk.  If I did not pop I look like a normal person.  the best thing to do is to try not to pop but stretch the muscle out without or instead of fully popping.
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I haven't read all the posts, but I think many of you are suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity. Check your medical history to see whether you took a FQ "antibiotic" (they arely antibiotics, but synthetic bactericides) during the year, or even two years, before your symptoms started. My blog has information and links: http://destruida-los-restos.blogspot.com.es/
Doctors won't help you, most won't believe you; homeopaths and naturopaths are better.
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Is this a symptom of Candidiasis.............. ??? i too having same symptoms ...
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I am 29 years old. Many unfortunate circumstances have left me to where I am now. Being ex military and a single full time dad that can't work because of many of the symptoms described on this page. Everything seems to be on the right side of my body only. Snapping scalpula syndrome with something always feeling like its grinding or out of place on my shoulder and shoulder blade, degeneration of my hips, elbow pops, I have a partial torn ACL, and heel spurs in my right foot. Although my ankle and entire foot feels heavy and akward, along with my right hip and right ribcage. The Veterans Administration  wont look into me any further, at least the doctor I go to who refers me to specialists wont go any further. He refuses to gve me an MRI on anything else accept my knee even though x rays have determined something is wrong with me.

I am not working because any weight I put on my right side causes pain, numbness and cracking to the point i cant think, especially in my right foot. I am about to just go to the emergency room because I see no end in sight and I feel like I have tried everything. If someone can help me that would be a blessing.
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I am 41 years old and feel like I am 80. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Anxiety amongst many other alignments.  I also have hip/groin and body joint clicking with associated pain. I have read many of your comments and sympathise with your troubles as I too suffer these issues.

I had visited many specialists and am now on many medications for all of the above. I recently changed my GP and at once he sent me to have blood and urine taken to check my Copper  and Zinc levels, as they balance each other on normal readings. Sure enough, my Copper levels were the highest and my Zinc levels were the lowest my GP has ever seen. My levels were that high that my hair changed  colour from a brunette to being a copper  colour. As I read up on the body's  need for copper, I found that at such high levels, it inhibits the body to repair itself thus making it hard to get over the aches and pain and the fatigue that is associated with Fibromyalgia. Many people are unaware or don't associate copper with being an important mineral in the healthly functioning of the body. I am now being treated for this and have found that my hair is slowly changing to its original colour and although my aches and pain is still there, I am able to control  my situation a lot better.

I still take a crap load of pills every night, but at least for me, there  is a light at the end of the tunnel. This information obviously would not effect everyone but it may be worth looking into your copper levels. I know that at my worst, I became desparate to try anything. Good luck to all and hope a solution to your alignments is near.
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Dear all,
            i too suffering with same problem, I started investigation and came to below understanding.
It is due to intestinal disorder for sure shot.
leaky gut or SIBO or candida or parasite. For my case i think it is due to SIBO/Leaky gut/parasite.
When the GUT lining damages due to any of the above reasons our defense system starts  self attacking out whole body(AS bacteria, food, toxins and other chemicals from intestine enters into blood). That is why we are getting pain symptoms all over the body.

Taking a test of CRP (By nephlometry method ony) and ESR can help you to diagnise.
CRP indicates inflammation somewhere in the body.
Try supplements for healing leaky gut(Reforming a good intestinal lining(Google it)), you will feel an immediate relief.
Find the exact bug ling in your body/intestine.
once your Gut is healthy then whole body gets relief immediatly.

please read this:

please reply if this really helped you or going to try out.

This is the problem where doctors are really unable to help us. We ourselfs unite and investigate on this is the only way. Dont depend on others that someone will help us. We have to fight our problem and figure out the route cause. please join your hands with me.
hi krishnaprasad122, Do you still out of symptoms? I follow a starch free diet since I have arthritis problems, No big pain yet but some small flares in hips and knees, But I got these cracking and grinding in my sholders worsening every day.. I am afraid of the day pain will begin. Going to make some Stool test to find any bacteria, worms, yeast.. If pain is starting I will try this out
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Sounds like Morgellons. Do some research on that. It's really scary phenomenom.
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hey guys, ive been experiencing some of the symptomes many of you describe... it all started i guess like 3 months ago, with a poping/cracking on left shoulder during my workout.. it slowly starting envolving to a point that i couldnt workout shoulder anymore, otherwise it would hurt doing it.. so i stoped training shoulder, althought off workout, in daily life, it never hurts, but if i try to rotate the shoulder, it cracks.. this past 3 days or sth, ive been experiencing a cracking on many parts of my body, i dont feel any pain, but some unconfort tho.. i can crack my wrists, feet, knees, even my back... im gettng a little stressed about this tbh.. its really weird that whitin 2 days i start cracking all over the body...
i wish good luck to everyone!
hi ghutt, How are you doing? Do you feel better, does ti worsen.. Any diagnostic? Hope you feel better, let us know..
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Hi I also have cracking joints i'm 19 years old, it seems like it got worse when i'm depressed and stressed, everything is cracking, have you gotten any solution over the last 7 years?
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Thank you for following up four years later.

I have whatever it is you have, and in just two years it has devastated my life. The popping and crepitus is absolutely everywhere (manifested in my clavicle two weeks ago), and joint damage is beginning to show in x-ray. It began attacking my knees and hips a year ago, and every day, walking becomes more difficult.

My original theory was post-streptococcal reactive arthritis. I maintain that an infectious event began this disease process. Look into the research of Dr. Auli Toivanen, one of the few rheumatologists in the world who have studied infectious arthritides.

I have seen six rheumatologists across the country, about ten orthopedists, two neurologists, two infectious disease specialists, and a handful of others.

One rheumatologist ventured a possible diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Type III. I believe this may be true, but not the whole story.

The next two rheumatologists blandly disagreed with him, but offered nothing, being thoughtless automatons of their universities.

The orthopedists were unhelpful, ignorant and unsympathetic, to a man.

The only abnormality in my bloodwork was a 200% elevated Anti-Streptolysin Titer. All of the original rheumatologists brushed this off. Of course, it is the smoking fun of infectious arthritis.

The bottom line here is that something has happened to us that they haven't figured out, are too blind or stupid to address, and none of us is rich enough to pay anyone to take it seriously. Beyond that, there are just too many people to see in a day, we're all strangers, and no one cares at all. And to avoid facing their own ignorance and professional unconcern, they pretend we are "malingering" or "shopping for doctors", as though 20 and 30 year olds have nothing better to do than schedule appointments with their bitchy secretaries, or endure their prejudice and disdain.

I'm going to try methotrexate on the assumption that it is seronegative RA, given the rate of progression.

If it doesn't work, I'm going to shoot myself. Life isn't worth living this way.

Make no mistake, people: you won't recover from this. All the chatter about gluten and candidiasis will get you nowhere. If you find yourself with these symptoms, put your affairs in order and prepare for the end, because it is coming.

-Marshall Lentini
Hi Marshall just wondering did you have any root canals done or other treatments in mouth? I have similar symptoms and wondering if it might be that, running outnof options
hi marshall any new developpement?
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I am so sorry. I feel the exact same way as you. My pain started in my lower back. I know that there are some buldging disks there but I also have cracked and popped all my joints since about the age of 15. I am now 25 and most of my joints (hips inside my leg and on the outside of my body, knees crack  ankles, wrists, elbows, and my shoulder blades and upper spine grind constantly). It's all day and all night. I am living a life of pain. I also stand 9 hours a day at work and it's not helping. Bunions are now starting to buldge in my big toes. I am also afraid I will end up in a wheelchair. I have treated pain with a magnitude of supplements, Accupuncture, cupping, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, yoga, and Upper Cervical care. The last three in conjunction have helped the most. It is comforting to know there are others who feel my pain. Again I feel you.
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Do you also have lower back pain? My issues is mostly my shoulder blade, lower back, and hips, poppin and crackin. I was treated for 15 days of antibiotics and then for H.Pylori. I was fine until one day my back went out and lower back pain lasted for 8 months, shoulder blade grinds, pops and painful. Hips and leg joints and my neck. I was retesed for lyme. And I had one bacteria and it was 1.5 when discovered. Now it was 1%
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Hi, am Vivian from Africa. Av been having a problem with the joints at my elbows. They crack a lot especially when i stretch my hand to pick something and i find it quite embarrassing especially when am attending to my clients in my office. For the past one month, av not taken foods with proteins e.g beans, meat but i have been taking milk although very rarely. Could that be where my problem is coming from? As in could i be having a deficiency in proteins??
Please advise me.

Warm regards.
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This is all very interesting to me because I myself am experiencing very similar symptoms too. My joints pop in both my elbows and knees and the catch is it just doesn't happen in a way that I feel is natural because of the pain I'm experiencing which is prolonging my condition it would seem.
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Here's the funny thing if you want to call it that it appears this type of condition is effecting very large numbers of people who may or may not have similar health background issues like everyone else. However there is a common thread running through each person. These symptoms once they start begin to snowball and effect various different parts of the body, joints and so forth. My research in many instances points back to an overall negative influence on the body by many forces: Lifestyle, nutrition, diet, environment, stress, exercise, and so on. It seems as if the impact of all this and the numerous negative things which we do to our bodies is just finally coming around to rear its ugly head and bite us in the *** especially those of us who are relatively young, I'm only 27.
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I've experienced exactly what your going through. The bottom line is you have like myself real problems occurring, fact. They don't know how to alleviate or stop it in simple matter of fact terms. So it's a combination of problems I've found also, meaning yes your panicking about it which is in some form or another contributing to the overall desperation and frustration and even feels if your anything like me that it is directly contributing to the onset of said issues. Stay strong be educated about all the perspectives of whats going on in my experience with it as with numerous other things there are many contributing factors that are playing a role it's not just one thing. O and one other thing pray to God for help!!!
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Warning, this is a little lengthy. There is a TL;DR at the end of this post.

All my joints have been popping since I was 11. even back then, my back with click/crack and it would hurt to breathe. I am 19 now, and even though my shoulders and elbows, everything still pops, it's my neck and back that bother me the most. Since I was about 14-15, my neck feels like there's something out of place in it. I can feel it with my fingers and when I push on it, it clicks in. Been told it was a pinched nerve in August 2014 and that it would go away, but I have been having severe back pain on and off since then and I'm heading towards the one-year anniversary of this supposed 'pinched nerve'. My back cracks constantly and I went through periods of time lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks where I felt jolts of electricity through my body in certain positions and a prickling sensation in my limbs and neck. The shocks would also be in my head, maybe it was directly affecting my spinal cord. It got so bad I went up to 3 days without sleep (many times) in fear that I would feel the shocking sensations in my head and body again, doubled with the fact that it hurt to lay down.

I tried to tell my parents (I still live with them, have to still abide by their rules so I must ask for permission with things) about it, eventually convinced them that I should see a doctor. Doc told me it was a pinched nerve, gave me a funny look when I mentioned the neck stuff. Seeing as I was 18 at the time, he probably figured I was too young to get anything. Some doctors need to go back in for schooling! No condition is old-age exclusive. I followed what he said in terms of resting, but not the Tylenol. The shocks went away but the pain still remained. Three weeks later, it came back at nighttime. Felt the same shocks, and the strangest thing: pimples on the base of my head and near my ears that gave my head weird sensations when I poked at them. Freakiest thing. I still don't see any correlation between these, but maybe it is worth mentioning (seeing as some of you are mentioning the possibility of parasites/Lyme, though I doubt this is the cause of mine). I braced through the shocks and pinprick sensations for a few days until my legs suddenly started going numb. I noticed at night when I tried to get up to go to the washroom. Eventually got on my feet! Anxiety kicked in, started thinking there was damage to the vertebrae in my back that were digging into my spine, knew how bad that could be, so I phoned 911 since it was too late at night for a doc's and the hospital was too far away. Bad experience. Paramedics looked at me as if I were crazy, even after I told them about the numbing of my limbs and the shock/prickling sensations. Was taken to the hospital, docs left me there for a couple hours before deciding to tend to me. Same thing: pinched nerve. They did no x-rays, no nothing. Just told me to move my limbs and all. Was constantly asked if I had psychosis/was on substances, neither ring true. No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, no nothing. Disgusting that they would ignore the things I was telling them and jump to these conclusions!

It's still there to this day and I still get periods where the shocking sensations come back. Currently in severe pain while typing this, though it's not as bad as it could be.

TL;DR: Neck, back and general joints clicking since 11, 19 now and neck + back in severe pain. Sometimes experience shocking/prickling sensations over neck, shoulders and in limbs. Told neck & back pain along with prickling was a pinched nerve by two different docs, not given an x-ray despite the fact this has persisted a very long time. Sometimes hurts to breathe.

I'm sorry to hear that you all are going through similar things, similar pains. It's horrible that the doctors tell us or look as us as if we were 'crazy'. What we say is valid, the docs cannot understand the pain we are in. Wish we could put some of these quacks in our bodies and show them! Maybe they would try to help us out more after experiencing it for themselves! Hope you all find peace. I don't quite believe in God, but bless you all, hope your deity/deities or whatever else you believe in, spiritual or science, can help.
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My daughter had all of your systems after 20 years going to several Docter.
They found Ankylosing Spondylitis. Look it up and if you feel those systems have a HLA-B27 gene test.
Good luck
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8 years on and this thread is still going.

I'm in the same boat as many people who have posted here. My conditions have been persisting for 12 months and gradully worsening. Twitches (all over), joint cracking (all over), fatigue, tinnitus.

After 12 months of putting my faith in GPs, blood tests, scans and various alternative treatments, I've had I've lost my patience.

If anyone on this forum has had success with their treatments it would be very helpful to share your experiences.
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I've been having very similar issues and decided to take agressive action.  Started a blog to track my healing, in case anyone might find something helpful from my journey.  

Cheers & Good Luck to All!

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I just read your post and I strongly urge that you be tested for HLA B27 which is a gene that is linked to AS or Ankylosing Spondylitis.  This is an autoimmune disease that effects your spine and organs.  It is essential that you are tested immediately by a rheumy!  It usually starts with inflammation in your sacroiliac joints but in women it can start in your neck and work it's way down which will throw most doctors off!  It is treated with prednisone short term for flare ups and most importantly TNF inhibitors like Embrel, Remicaid and Humira.  This is given in injections one or twice a month.  It will help with the inflammation.  I have a lot of questions for you and will help you and your doctor nail down your illness!  Let me know and I will give you my personal contact info.
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That is CRAZY!  I just saw your post after I was reading all of the rest and responded to one person with the SAME THING!  That is what I was finally diagnosed as having after years of suffering!  Please guys...this is a serious disease especially if left untreated!  Demand that they test for the gene and do the necessary MRI's to confirm along with testing your CRP levels as well as elevated protein, uveitis or iritis, high ocular pressure, inflammation in the sacroiliac joints, etc.  I can provide some other clues as well if interested.   Most of your symptoms listed on this blog fits the criteria.  It can be accompanied with a gastro disease like Crohns or psoriasis.  
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I have snapping in my shoulders,elbows,wrists,back,knees,ankles over six years. I was misdiagnosed many times however i believe the right diagnosis for this syndrome is one of four things. Joint hypermobility syndrome, ligament laxity (in my case), EDS Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or a  lack of lubrication within the joint (synovial fluid).
The best treatments for ligament laxity are prolotherapy  and platlet rich plasma as they generate collagen
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Your answer to these cluster of symptoms was very interesting. How did you get pointed in the Thailand direction? I'm interested in self therapy as conventional medicine is not hearing me or helpful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I've read many of your posts and I see one big common thing - drugs, prescriptions and such.

People, i bet most of you are from US and have almost no clue of healthy diet and over all what food is. So I would suggest to many of you stop using drugs (depends on your condition) and start eating healthier, taking less drug which eventually messes up your organs and body functions. And far most important to people with joint degeneration - DRINK lots of WATER. For an average person half of a gallon is a MUST per day and i bet 90% do not do it. (this does not include coffee, all those synthetic juices that Americans have. I am talking about pure simple water (best would be to get it from a forest stream where water is clean, if not bottled good quality water should help). And do not drink the whole gallon in one go. Spread it over the whole day (yes you will go to pee a lot more, but it's good, body will cleanse itself, just give some time.
I will not expand on more of my comments, but basically water will increase join motion and less cracking, also will get rid of muscle cramps.
Also not sure of what you all have done but test your blood for not only vitamin D, but minerals like calcium, magnesium and others which are helpful with muscle problems and joints.
Do not expect fast results, it takes time.
That's my suggestion, and all of you can do whatever you like, though from what i see is that many of you gave up on doctors.
good luck
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There i took some time and found article about what i was trying to explain:
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hi, I'm in the same boat, nearly 22, female and everything is cracking and popping (definitely not normal) I've danced since the age of 3 -maybe that impacted it? who knows.. both of my parents have arthritis so not sure if that can get passed along, at the moment my shoulder is the biggie. Its cracking like crazy, even hurts to put a top on/off. I can't even tell you how long my back has been cracking for (and not like how most people occasionally get their friends to crack it) i can literally stretch my back and it cracks- 3 times every 5 minutes.. something like that. Im fed up of doctors and I was also put on amitriptyline to cheer me up but didn't work (other than getting super tired) any way I hope you have figured something out because its getting beyonnnndddd ridiculous now... :( :( good luck!
Im  46 and have similar symptoms. I feel better when I eat only green vegetables ( kale, ect) , all types of fruits, fish, meat, some roots, but  no grains, no beans, no rice, no potatoes, no sugars, and drink regular water and electrolyte water, I also drink tea with honey.  I also take probiotics. When I dont follow this diet I get sick and all my joins would hurt and pop like crazy.
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Hey, i'm a 20 year old male currently suffering with allot of the symptoms explained in this forum. Been steadily declining for a year, started in my shoulders, now my whole back pretty much hurts, even my knees and arms have started to feel sore. Had to quit my job as a chef, which i loved, just because i felt like i couldn't even wake up in the morning on the bad days. Been trying to swim daily just to keep my muscles and joints moving, it helps, but it's nothing to write home about. Tried fixing my diet, i.e cutting gluten out my diet, no refined sugars, more protein, fruit and veg, so far no monumental improvement, it's important to stay positive though. Done allot of my own research, came up with allot of the things already mentioned here, also came across something that hasn't, ME (myalgic encephalopathy)/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), at least this gives me some hope for a recovery, so i hope it is this i guess, common symptoms tick all the boxes for me anyway. For now just going to carry on trying to stay as healthy as i can. Hope you all get well soon, stay positive!!!
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I'm 35 in constant pain first  it was my knees now my whole body pops and cracks I have sickle cell trait .I drink a lot of water and exercise and its very painful. I have always been drug free and athletic .I don't know what to do my doc says dink water and exercise but I think it's something more.I bared 4 children and had carpetunAL and it feels like it's all threw my body.
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Beware Bacteriacide Antibiotics Like Cipro, Augmentin, I went from not having cracks to having all over body in 24 hours on the seventh day of treatment for an infection we didnt even have proof I had(did not do urine test). Please beware certain people with certain genetics will have their joints destroyed for life in a matter of days.

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I feel sick and now feel my joints cracking. I was very healthy. Only thing I found was my a and a was off. Someone told me sounds like Bartinella but relay tests come up neg. I found a guy in NC who grows your blood I took a blood test every two days the times. All three dressed were sent to him to grow. The norm is 65 or less mine read 269 wow. I am now on two antibiotics and am getting better.  I also found a specialist in FL who treats this. He says you should also test for barbisiosis and if you have that too you more than likely have Lyme deserve which most tests won't detect either there is only one place I no of in California but I hear they only accept medicaid lol I have insurance.  Hope this helps someone.
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Hi. I have all the same symptoms you folks mentioned above. Stiffness, cracking, pain, low energy. All the trips to the doctors (including full examination in the NYU Hospital For Joint Diseases in Manhattan) did not return any results. I was told that all of my tests and blood work was totally fine, while I did continue to have pain. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But here is a remedy to all of you suffering which helped me tremendously. I still get episodes throughout the year in between seasons, but nothing like it was before!
While traveling in Israel I went into the small corner health drug store and described my symptoms to sales guy. He told me that I was calcium deficient and gave me the calcium formula which you folks can buy or preorder in any Vitamin Shoppe, which surprisingly sold everywhere in Israel. IT’S CALCIUM MAGNESIUM PLUS BORON. He said to take it 3 times a day, 500 mg(one tablet), before food. Guess what folks- THE PAIN WHICH I HAD FOR YEARS WAS GONE IN 2 DAYS! Now I am taking 1000 mg tablets, 2  day as a prevention and drinking a lot of milk (which by the way source of Calcium also). It works like a charm. The only minor drawback that boron makes a bit sleepy, so taking it before going to sleep it works as a sedative and blood pressure reducer. I’ve tried most other formulas of calcium after and they did not work for me.
P.S. Chinese herbalists told me that this condition is some form of migraines. One of them gave me a remedy once before and taking it removed cracking for like three weeks completely… I unfortunately misplaced his info. Just letting you know it might work also.
Please let me know your reports and reviews. You can reach me at:  ice_skytemple***@****
The very best of lucks to you. Speedy relieve!

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Im surprised that nobody has mention hormones as a culprit for joint, muscle, fatigue and a multitude of other dipilatiting symptoms. I am a female age 45 and had-have a multitude of the symptoms mentioned here...I laid in bed for a year and the Drs. are useless!!  I am posting this so I can help somebody else. Everyone just thinks hot flashes but hormones can affect your entire life physically and mentaly. The op had testicular cancer and that controls a lot of the hormones. I dontknow that much about it-but I think that extreme stress and fatigue at some point in someone's life attributes to the functioning of your hormones. I do believe that I suffer in periomenopause because I had physically taxed my body so bad that the adreanals are affected and adreanal-fatigue is somehow related to this. I have now been on bioidentical hormones for about 2 months and the differense is amazing!!  When I have to up the progesterone per the protocol I'm on right now...my symptoms come right back:(. I'm not sure about all the hormones that affect men but there is a hormone called DHEA..that will affect joints and muscles and energy. I had my hormones tested and I think they all came back in the normal range but they still gave me the option of going on replacement hormone therapy because of my symptoms. My symptoms started as sinus headaches right between my eyes and a burning pain that turned to nausea and nervous stomach by the afternoon and I couldnt function for the rest of the day...that lasted for months. My symptoms then progressed into...extreme fatigue, joint pain and pressure and popping and clicking in the joints-almost all joints were affected. Popping and cracking in the joints almost to the point of having ..OCD with popping my joints. My right knee was terribly affected and I had the urge to snap it continuously and the pressure would build right back up and I couldnt get any relief. It was so painful every second of the day!!   I also had muscle burning and fatigue...I could barely extend my arms out to make a pot of coffee. I had back pain and stiffness-I couldnt even stand up straight and would be hunched over like an old lady and couldnt even walk across the room., I have bilateral numbness and tingling in my lower and also strange electrical pains, pulses and body twitches. Then some days I was fine and could walk perfectly but it was getting were the good days were far and few in between. Mentally-I was depressed, had extreme rage, I wanted to commit myself-Drs were a joke and I felt helpless and alone and at  my wits end and I wanted to be alone. I isolated myself. These are all because of hormones and never once have I had a hot flash!!  Even though you might not be periomenopause age-late 30s on up-maybe something is going on that could be affecting your hormones. I just hopes this helps somebody!!  
I agree with you on the homones...I've had the same symtoms as you, I thought I was going crazy at first. My manapause symptoms have been a nightmare. My bones, joints and whatever can pop just pops throuout the day but espeacially in when I'm still for a whike like sitting or in bed or in the morning when I get up or even when I toss around in my sleep. My elbows, knees, arms, shoulders, neck, etc. It's embarrasing to say the least.
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I have something similar begin to happen to me, i first thought i had bad posture and it lead me to a lot of joint damage but i think i now have something more serious and my joints are weaker and cracking all the time. I'm 28 so this doesn't make sense... I did a test for c reactive protein (a marker of Inflammation in blood) and it should elecated at 4-5 when my friends all tested under 1 (which means no major source Of Inflammation)

For now i think it can only be nutrition (but i have a mostly clean diet, unless I'm missing one key nutrient) or maybe a root canal i did a few years ago that supposedly could have bacteria attacking the rest of the body...  I'm thinking this because i can't explain why else my C reactive protein would be constantly elevated every weekly test i do.

Have any of you with these symptoms also had a root canal in your teeth done?
Yes! omg I had a root canal done twice on one of my front teeth. The first time they totally messed it up and drilled into my gums. The second one they told me how they meseed it up and didn't care and than attempted to fix it... but It still hurts till this day. And I have had these symptoms the past year getting worse. I feel like I'm dying some times.
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I found this forum by searching joints popping, hip pain, etc. I'm not as bad as most here but just trying to avoid getting worse and educate myself. I'm 59 so I can expect some pain, bones popping.
Doctors just guess about everything and in the end blame it on Fibromyalgia.

But what surprises me is how young many of the posters here are. Just a guess but there has to be more to this. Perhaps some of the shots the younger generation is getting, i.e. GARDASIL vaccine, different Immunizations, etc. If not mistaken they get many different shots then I did growing up. When my daughter was a baby I couldn't believe all the shots she received. There were a few that were "optional" and we elected not to have them done.

Anyway I hope they find answers for all the people suffering.  
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Hey I'm not a doctor or anything just a 17 year old girl with a lot of stress and the same problem, I can pop almost any bone in my body and the pain in my muscles is absolutly terrible my muscles ache all the time, I don't do any sports I just have anxiety and the pressure of my families expectations, high school, a job and collage just add to the anxiety. I can't get enough sleep because of the pain I'm in but it seems to ease up a little when I eat foods with a lot of magnesium in them. I guess magnesium rich foods like almonds, fish and penut butter could be worth looking into if nothing else works. I've also found that excersise whenever you get time could work to. It seems to ease the pain for half the day for me. I havnt been able to see a doctor about it so I can't really add much more other than what I've experienced.
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Hello guys are you still alive? lol I feel like I wont live too long, maybe couple of years more... thank god I found this thread. I am 35, 2.5 years ago it stared. Little clicks in my knees, within months spreaded to all of the joints. At the moment back, knees and shoulders are the worst because I use them a lot at work. I work in a docks. Last 2-3 months constant upper back pain, pins and needles and stinging like, possible trapped nerve. Other joints that click and grind are: ankles, hips, wrists, elbows, back&neck and even chest. (shoulder blade grinds) 4 years ago I had very stressful time, I did not sleep well or long enough for years because of stress or work (shift work). 4 to 2 years ago I was on blood pressure tablet and have been drinking alcohol too often at the same time. 7 to 5 years ago I was an anabolic steroid user. I have many root canal treated teeth. That is all about me. I have had bad headaches before the joints started to play up, thought it was because of blood pressure or hang over after alcohol. Those headaches come with very stiff neck. Lately endocrinologist I contacted told me it is all cos of steroids use and related collagen problems that build all soft tissues including veins ( I have got some minor leaking veins I can see on my legs) fair enough I thought but I was still not sure, can not trust just one doctor.
Oh, and I have GERD, or at least hiatus hernia. Really bad reflux occurred several moths before problems with my joints. Once joints started playing up ginecomastia occurred as well. Is that due to blood pressure tables, I do knot know yet, still got it.

Reading above posts I can see I had very similar possible thoughts about of what it could be.

1) GERD - increased acidity
2) Lack of nutrient (due to coeliac disease or something else)
3) metabolic acidosis
4) EDS
5) Root canal (apparently teeth has got many other very tinny canals that are connected with other parts of the body and bacteria living there produce toxins after the tooth is canal treated.
6) connective tissues disorder/degeneration after use of steroids
others after reading this forum
7) Someone mentioned a possibility of damaged nerve in neck that could cause all that. That is a new interesting theory to me.
7) Lyme disease (done blood test for IgM and IgG, possible different names in english, result - negative).
8) fibromyalgia
9) Bacteria or virus

I personally would stand up on GERD, EDS, Root canal, Lyme or bacteria.

I think we all have too many similar symptoms so each of us separately could be having something else (other disease). There must be 'one' reason for all that for all of us!
Hi dawbie, Have you check for osteonecrosis.. I have come accross reading for these symtoms, The alcohol and  steroid  intake could make it happen.. Hope you doing well
Hello KevinK001, great thanks for that. I have just read about osteonecrosis and must admit it looks quite possible it may be this. For example my hips are making sort of pop like sound, like want to pop out. Had a thought that the bone is shrinking making it loose or just the ligaments not holding it correctly. And my recent though ware actually about the issues with the blood flow - no correct blood flow no healing or less healing of the injuries like as they describe on osteonecrosis. I need to do some x rays at least or mris, to prove myself there is really some damage there. I think there it. Reading about osteonecrosis does not fill me hope.
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Hi Guys, I had couples of these things, I my sister has Ankylosing spondilitis. I had 2 knee surgeries when 13 because of sport and both shoulders injured while working out too heavy weight.
So when some symptomes started to show up in my lower back and then all the (cracking, poping, grinding : mostly neck+back, hips, knees, shoulders, fingers)  I started to think Spondilitis for me too... So started to, gluten free, starch free, sugar free, dairy free, and nightshade vegetables free diet, and I was doing some 24h fastings once a week. The poping and grinding continued ( mostly in my right knee and the crepitus in my neck) but pain was very low and I must say I felt good from starting eating well, even though I had these small symptoms.
One day I ate pizza and no bad feeling at all.. so I progressivly started to eat stuff like bakery, pizza cheese and milk and all those things I had cut and nothing bad happen. So 2 weeks of bad food I now my shoulder is grinding and poping like hell and started to feel pain in my elbow too( where I had nothing).
So I will start againthis diet hoping it will help a little.

I go check for Lyme because someone here suggest me too.
My conclusion, could be these possiblities
- Bacterial infections
- Lyme
- Ankylosing Spondylitis + causing osteoarthritis
- Degenerative Osteoarthritis of the spine and all over body
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Lupus
- Osteoarthritis caused by injuries
- Osteonecrosis caused by injuries

If anyone has some suggestions to disease it could be, type it here. I still come in this thread regularly. Hpe They will find something soon! But remember Your body is not you, It is only a recipient for your soul! We all have souls trap in deficient body, but we most keep our soul clean and not fall into depression. I try hard to not see this as the end of the world, but we most focus on good things. And we never know maybe science will make a discovery us out. There is people out there who feels no pain but can only wink there eyes.
I have done a gluten free diet for a while, but no change. But then, u need to run it for a bit longer to notice any improvement >6 weeks. I have lost 20kg of body weight, and still no improvement. Definitely we all should cut down on diary products as non organic calcium reduces the blood flow and causes osteoporosis as the recent studies revealed. Calcium damages the veins and cholesterol is being send there to fix it blocking the flow. I was high dairy products user till like few days ago.

Good job you here Kev, I thought no one is interested of this problem, thread anymore.
Thanks Dawbie! I made some research with my symtoms and I think I have osteonecrosis in shoulder (pain just starting) knees (soon) and probably hip will fallow as it pops too...
For those with weakness, tingling, numbness, and blurred vision. muscle stiffness, And Grinding and Clicking joint with pain.. check for   Multiple Scl

Multiple Sclerosis : is an autoimmune disease that attack your system : His main symptoms are
- weakness, - tingling, - numbness, - blurred vision.
- urinary problems,  - muscle stiffness
and it cause osteonecrosis where the symptoms are Grinding and Clicking joint with pain and bone deterioration...
For Multiple Sclerosis is was more for people with the symptoms above
and with electric shock down their spine..
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Maybe some of you should check ehlars danlos syndrome too.. could be a possibility.  Just my input. You would need to see geneticist for this.. I'm having issues too just going thru the motions praying I make it to a diagnosis or God takes this away from me. I hope all of you feel better.
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Oh and eds can have things go with it too like mcad (mast cell activation disorder) and POTS disease ... the lyme disease thing going around on the net seems like a scam preying on suffering people.. they are always pushing to test with igenex testing labs so I quit going that route.. got to looking on that particular forum and it's always the same people speaking up about it too.. people are getting a lot of false positives from that way. I read an article where a guy died from lupus that got a false pos from them.. FDA is investigating I believe. Just be careful..a lot of people like us are taking antibiotic treatment for lyme and not getting better

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I have the numbness and twitching where I can actually see it pulsating on my arms and legs. I was told it's from neuropathy. If you have this problem you also can shake, and they say you can develop Parkinson's. So would suggest setting a neurologist. Hope this helps.
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About 2 years ago my boyfriend had mononucleosois and by the time he was diagnosed I started to have his same symptoms. Neck glands were swollen for 8 months and i tested negative for mono twice and doctors just kept saying "im prone to swollen glands". I had drenched night sweats and got random hot flashes, joint pain and just kept feeling weaker and weaker. 2 months later lost my ovary function due to unknown, doctors just say that 90% of cases go undiagnosed so no point in searching for answers. 6mths more of pain, joint cracking, extreme back pain and popping tgat is ALWAYS there, constant urinary tract infections and changing doctors 3 times and they diagnosed Celiac. Changed diet, bowels are wayyy better but joints still cracking (more and more every day) doctor just says its stress related and gibes me antidepressants. I hate that they tell me that every time and then when it gets bad then they find some kind of diagnosis thats untreatable. I just feel like im deteriorating every day more and more. Dad died with cancer 2 yrs ago and mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer this year. Yet doctors think im crazy and just tell me to take anti depressants and pain killers. Goinf to try getting tests for what everyone suggested above. Thanks
Not sure how long ago this was posted but did you ever find anything out? Going through something VERY similar.
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hello guys, I am now heaving those cracking, pooping joints/tendents problem for over 4 years. Sometimes it is slightly less sometimes more annoying, I have not figured out yet why. MRI scans of knee joint and back showed some damage, or healed damages in muscles. I have not provided those results to any doctor yet. I have been told those silly things - it is all normal, it is just a wear and tear that comes with an age and I am 36. Obviously it could be wear and tear as I was over-straining my body, gym, work, luck of sleep but probably I am not the hardest working person and as others here reported they are a lot younger like 18 heaving the same or at least similar.
I have tested my stool for bacteria, leaky gut and others. I heave got leaky gut and some bad bacteria overgrown. Been on probiotics for over 4 months - no improvement in cracking/popping. Have not checked if it improved the leaky gut and reduced bad bacteria yet it was quite expensive test.

Let me know if you want to know what exactly was my stool tested for.

My question to you is:

Do not you suffer from the luck of sleep/ insomnia? Or did you prior to these symptoms occurred?

My wife heaving a baby - luck of sleep for over a year - joints started to crack and pop. Coincidence?
I have the same problem nothing online I can find my joints starting popping constantly 7 months ago, then just recently 3-4 months ago my boyfriends joints started popping too. It has to be something that is transferred through salvia.  I used to have this problem where I would be spitting mucus all day long a year ago. And my tonsils are extremely swollen right now but I’m not sure if it has something to do with my joints because I’m supposed to be getting my tonsils taken out within the year so that could be it’s own problem. I think it might be a bacterial infection or virus. Can someone please help me out or explain to me what this could possibly be.  I also was diagnosed with MRSA I caught from my sister
Have you got water softener at you household and do you dring this water? I think that the main thing is a lack of sleep or inregular sleeping pattern that is going for months. Dont think anyone know what we are dealing with, sorry. But keep looking and please post here your thoughts and findings.
Spitting mucus has got nothing to do with it. Normal body reaction for lungs/bronchicles infection.
I’m learning that low vitamin D can cause a lot of these symptoms and can be very detrimental to your health and well-being. Have to check your D3 and make sure it is in optimal range not just “in range”   I am learning vit. D is so important to our health and joints, bones, protects us from cancer, and ms. and even depression. You dont need a script to raise your levels but they suggest to use vit. K2 and magnesium when taking it or it could make your symptoms worse.   Please do some research on this.
I was taking vit D3 with K2 and magnesium for a longer period and there was no improvement. Prior to that I have checked vit D3 level twice and it was always ok. I would suggest also to have the hormones checked cortisol, melatonin plus others and a kidneys for elecrolites imbalance.
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Hi, is this thread still active???

The symptoms drastically impact on my quality of life.

Shoulders in particular feel painfully weighted when raised slightly (i.e driving, using computer, reaching, lifting) and often "catch" on the movement back down
Wrists frequently sprain and become very painful doing day to day activities that put normal pressure on wrist, i.e pressup/pullup  
Knees pop back and forth when turning on heel, very jerky movement and very uncomfortable


Historically diagnosed with body dysmorphia, feelings that posture is misaligned, i.e ugly protruding neck
-- ritualistic mirror checking, static stretching to try and force straight posture

Diagnostics performed -- bloods, MRI, no evidence of medical concerns

Enganging in weight lifting excercise produces state where muscles enrich, brings sense of euphoria

However -- issue is that mild/moderate physiological symptoms of joints catching during movement, sensations of joint "hanging" and painful pressure before clunking into place.

The conflict is that having been diagnosed with psychological illness NOT physiological,
great frustration results from attempts to engage in excercise or daily movement that result in pain in muscles in joints,

Reporting joints are not moving smoothly during movement -- preventing from engaging in excercise

Desperately want to feel like joints are not catching so can engage in excercise

Pain in joints from catching leaves me unable to engage in activities like weight lifting, as as such produces feelings of irratibility, depression etc.

Feel insane leaving GP having been told it's all mental only for joints to physically snap in pain.

Hi, I want to believe it is still active. May I ask you few questions? 1) any alcohol, steroids?, 2) how is your sleep, how many hours a day?, 3) work - any shift work?, 4) have you got a water softener at home? Please answer those, even if they sound silly to you, you should understand that after after all I have done I have got no answer of what it is and why. I can only say that my fife aftwr heaving a baby delivered the similar problema, also babe got it :(
Hi Dewbie,

No Alcohol or steroids, however I do smoke Cannabis
No water softener
Hi, what about your sleep, rest? I think this is very important.
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  There are 13 types with 12 having generic markers.  Look up 2017 classifications.  EDS is something that a lot of doctors don’t know about because the mutations are relatively newly discovered.  hEDS has not genetic test, but the other 12 hmcan be tested by Invitae Labs with doctor signature.  Tip:  if you get the EDs testing, get Marfans and LDS at the same time, because it does not cost any additional money.  
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Hi, I'm about to be 31 and have these symptoms: joints cracking - specifically both knees, both elbows, entire hands, and feet. No neck or spine crepitus at the moment.

I also have slight discomfort in these joints and mild dull pain. Nothing debilitating. I'm relatively healthy, normal weight and diet. I am physically active, live in a city so plenty of walking and the occasional run. Alcohol consumption is probably slightly above average. Comprh. blood panel was normal so no elevated kidney/liver levels. Medical history is devoid of root canals, anti-depressants, extensive use of antibiotics (perhaps used a dozen times in life). Slight gastero issues (possibly gut microbe imbalance, negative endoscopy for ulcers).

I read this entire thread in horror since it's been going on for 12 years without any conclusive evidence. I don't quite know if AS is related here since AS seems to affect the spine primarily and not "crepitus all over" condition. Has anyone gotten a biopsy of their synovial fluid?

best wishes to all
I should mention that infectious arthritis mentioned here could be a possibility. Forget bacteria or viruses: I had spent some time in Arizona and likely contracted Valley Fever, which is a fungal infection that seems to never leave the host. Note that coccidioidomycosis septic arthritis is a possibility.

How many of us have spent time in the southwestern United States?
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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
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