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Forgetfulness issues/problems HELP!

I'm 15 and I have been experiencing some memory problems. I would tell myself to do something after I do something, such as printing my homework after I finish eating my snack, for example. I would then forget the "print my hw" task and forget it or even remember it after maybe 10 mins, a few hours. Recently I did a science lab at school and had no idea what lab I did before and after that lab, and completely forgot about the lab, didnt know where my observations paper was, only to find it one day later but still failing to recall anything about the lab when it happened. I'm really nervous, and I know I'm young and I shouldn't worry, but anything can happen so I really want to know what is up with me. I eat healthy, exercise and play a lot of team sports, and sleep around 6 hours at the most a day. However, I get occasional headaches only on my forehead (either left or right) all the time, but not extremely often. Please Help!!
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Have you ever been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

I have similar problems and turns out I have ADHD (was diagnosed at 21). Also, headaches could be from dehydration. Make sure you are drinking enough water (actual water not pop or juice) throughout the day. Headaches can also be brought on by stress.

Hope this was at least a bit helpful in some way.
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