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Short term memory loss

My Mum is a fit 91 year old awaiting MRI tests for short term memory loss.  She is on levothyroxine and I am wondering if it is a lack of estrogen that could be causing her problems.  She takes lots of supplements and no other drugs, bp controlled naturally.  Has anyone had success with estrogen?
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Its almost certainly the aging process. My mom is 93 and experiencing the same.
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I had modest success with my mom's vascular dementia (in her eighties, passed at 91) through vit. methyl-B12 (given as 3 crushed 1000mcg sub-lingual tablets/day, under her tongue).  It's a mild nerve restorative.  When first started I noticed she recalled things she'd been forgetting for a year or two prior -- I think the net effect aside from intitially reversing her decline by a few years, was to greatly slow her further mental decline.
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