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Exessive rotting.

Hello, I thought about asking an expert in the field regarding my teeth problem.

Ever since I got my permenent teeth I had problems with them. Little holes appearing, yellow spots and such.

Now I am 20 years old and have been smoking for 12 years which is horrible and I wouldn't be surprised if this was at fault for what is happening.

Anyway, right now I haven't been to a dentist for 6 months, brushed my teeth EACH DAY with no exception. However I can see holes which are black already on my teeth, i simply can't understand why my teeth keep rotting like this for no reason, I go to a dentist every 6 months and each time I have 12 plus holes which need to be probed or how you call it.

Is this a natural disease or it is me doing something bad? I abused alcohol when I was 18 so I wouldn't be surprised if teeth defense is destroyed.

thank you for your time, Algis.
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That's hard to say.  Your current habits such as smoking and previous history of alcohol indicate that there may have been a time when you cause some injury to your teeth.  This could have potentially started the damage and now its continuing to worsen (as teeth don't heal well since its a hard tissue outside of the body).  You should definitely consider a lifestyle change with the smoking.  Have you asked your dentist before?  Any other habits such as eating lots of candy, sucking on lemons, etc?
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Well I don't really like sweets , had enough of them. I used to abuse lemon acid ( I liked to mix it with water and drink ), I eat a lot of veggies and try to not eat hard stuff. I asked my dentist, but she either didn't listen or didn't care and told me just to brush my teeth, which I am doing. If this matters, I've been hit to my face a lot ( which caused some internal mouth bleeding and tooth pain ), but I feel fine now.
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