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tainted fluoride
China just can’t help itself  no matter what they send to us, you can bet that there’s something wrong with it.
You’ve heard about the lead-laced toys, tainted food, and toxic drywall, but the latest poison being shipped here from Red China could be even worse than all three of those things put together… because it might be in your family’s drinking water right now.
Communities from coast to coast have quietly turned to cheap Chinese “fluoride” for their local water districts.
What are they selling us?
The Massachusetts town of Amesbury had to stop using the stuff after they noticed it wasn’t dissolving in the water like fluoride. In fact, the junk was clogging up their machinery.
It’s being tested right now, but I have my doubts that we’ll ever learn the truth about what was in those bags from China labeled “fluoride.” But I do know this: I wouldn’t drink it.
While Amesbury may have stopped adding fluoride to its water, at least 43 other Massachusetts communities — 650,000 people — are still using “fluoride” from the same communist supplier.
And that’s just Massachusetts and fluoride from one supplier. Who knows how many other towns are using this garbage.
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Why don't you alert the media rather than an unknown, unread dental forum? Investigative news programs love this kind of stuff.
YOU don't live too terribly far from Massachusetts, how about taking a road trip to one or two of these other 43 communities you know about, taking water samples and have an independent Hydrologist test it? It's not cheap, so take your credit cards. But you'll get the truth. Unless this conspiracy goes much deeper. Unless you have really deep pockets, I'd just call Dateline. Let Morley do it.
Good luck...........seriously!  
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Please, give me some credit I got this from the medical community.
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P.S. if the doctor says yes let her use Nature's Plus
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Don't know how that got posted onto dental I was in alternative med. SORRY
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