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Abscess in cheek after molar extraction-scared

A couple of years ago I had a bad root canal. I will spare the details but the tooth never stopped hurting, dentist didn't believe me, etc. I believe it's likely the molar was literally infected for years. So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. The majority of the tooth broke off. I saw a dentist last Tuesday, 6 days ago. They pulled the tooth on the spot. Three days later I developed dry socket. Lots of pain, lots of swelling, back to the dentist. They pulled the stitches, irrigated and packed with paste. Felt better right away. I tried showing him there was a lump on the outside of my cheek/jaw. He said there was a lot of swelling and gave me antibiotics. The paste fell out later that night and started hurting like crazy again instantly. I still see a lot of swelling and there's no visible clot, just an open hole. What's concerning me even more though is that there's now a much larger lump on the outside of my jaw that looks red, angry and like it is likely full of puss. I feel really yucky and tired. I'm scared that I could have infection in the jaw bone. I've been taking amoxicillin for three days. Should I ride it out and hope the antibiotics due their job or do I need emergency treatment? I'm scared but I don't want to be a drama queen. :-/
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Just wanted to add that the pain is getting worse. I'm sure I have dry socket again but I'm more concerned about the large lump on the outside of my jaw. I've been on antibiotics for four days so if my problems are caused by infection they should be subsiding, right? I've read some info about jaw bone becoming infected...if this is what my symptoms are indicating would I need a stronger, possibly IV antibiotic or something. I'm making myself go bonkers with worry and anxiety.
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