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Abscess tooth -- in pain. Any advice?

On Saturday, I started to feel a strong pain. I was unable to find a dentist to see me until Monday afternoon. Monday, I went to the dentist, where x-rays were taken. I have an abscessed tooth.

I was prescribed 500mg's of Amoxicillin, 3 times a day, for 10 days. I have been on this since Monday afternoon -- it is now Wed. morning.

I feel absolutely no relief.

I have been taking 400mg's of Advil every 4 hours, on my dentists recommendation..  Still, it throbs constantly.

Is it normal for me to still be in pain?
Should I be concerned?

What can I do for the pain, as my dentist seems unwilling to prescribe pain medication.
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Antibiotics can take a few days to start to help.  If you don't have some pain relief by tomorrow (Thursday), give your dentist a call and tell him.  He may want to change the antibiotic.  
If you can take the prescription dose of Advil (ibuprofen), that's what I would do.  Motrin (the RX equivalent) is 800mg of ibuprofen three to four times a day.

GOOD LUCK.  Please let us know how you are doing.
My very best to you,
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I typically give a long, detailed answer but in this case? Runnnn ;). You have a right to all prior records, so find a new dentist, have their office send the x-rays and other documentation over (this will save you the x-ray fee!). Call the doctor and speak with HIM or HER directly and see if they agree with the insanity of the other doc. FIrst off, you should be on a much stronger Antibiotic and secondly, depending on your past experience with pain medications, you need at LEAST Tylenol with Codeine and a topical numbing gel. For now?? I would take either a Tylenol PM (NOT Advil PM; Tylenol has a different active ingredient) or benadryl.... anything so you can sleep!
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Had this type of pain for 3 days straight when both my lower molars abcessed so I do feel for you.   In my experience antibiotics got to work in hours, so that is weird imo.  I did a lot of googling in those 3 days, and absess pain tend to subside, to either a) cold or b) heat.    

For me it was cold - contantly drinking ice cold water and sucking on ice cubes until I passed out of tiredness was what got me through it.    

Some peope recommend vodka or brandy, but now that you are on antibiotics I would NOT recommend doing that.     Something with codeine is usually what the dentist perscribes after tooth / gum work, so it might take off some of the edge.

Best of luck

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Was he going to send you for a root canal after this tooth calmed down?  The antibiotics can sometimes take a few days to work.  

It may be you need to have a root canal which relieves a lot of pain, pending the condition of the infection. Most people obtain much relief once a root canal is started.  Of course if the tooth is fractured beyond repair, then extraction may be recommended.

You did not mention what his plans were for you.  I would most definitely contact him and inform him of your present situation, especially with the weekend approaching so you are not in this same situation again seeking help on a weekend.
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The tooth needs to be extracted, but it can't be extracted until after the infection is gone.

It is Friday now, and I am still in a lot of pain.
He gave me pain meds, but I thought that the antibiotics should've started working by now.
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