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Bad smell on gum.

I had a crown put in about 2 years ago. When first put in it was fine, but in the last 6 - 8 months there has been a bad smell (rotten order) coming from that specific area when I floss between the teeth or when I rub that area. Went to dentist and he says it is a gum problem and he gave me special tooth paste and told me to rinse out with salt water. It is not working. I want him to take it out and start over. What can I do?
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You could see another dentist. It sounds like you might have some decay under the crown and this needs to be addressed.
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I had a gross odor when flossing around my crown & it seemed loose as well.   This turned out to be an abscessed tooth.  The pain is unbearable,  I am currently on antibiotics & pain med.  having the tooth extracted next week & an implant put in 3000.00 later.  Ugh what a headache.   If their is a smell that means decay under the crown or something else brewing.    Crowns should always feel tight & not smell when flossing between.  
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Nightmare to say the least until now.read carefully and respond back.first buy peroxide and dental floss get a small plastic cup pour peroxide inside the cup and let it soak for a few minutes.place the dental floss between your
teeth for a few seconds repeat three times a day.remember
to brush your tongue twice a day as well as floss between
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