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Bleeding gums


A few days ago my gums seemed to become really inflamed and started bleeding out of nowhere. Now every time I brush my teeth, or slightly knock my gums they bleed. My gum has receded a bit on the top too and I'm really worried as I can't get to my dentist for another 3 weeks. I brush my teeth twice a day, and bought a mouthwash for gingivitus a couple of days ago to try and alleviate the issue, though it hasn't done much yet. They're still really inflamed and bleeding, and I'm worried as I'm only 20!

What else can I do?!
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This issue probably started around a week ago, when I also noticed i have a small bump on the underside of my chin-neck to the left hand side. A couple of days ago I also developed a really strong cramp feeling in my stomach and its still not gone away - is it possible that these are all related?
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Hi, try using a softer tooth brush and not flossing to deeply into the gum
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Funny story this happened to my friend I explained to her that gums are very hormal in women and joked that she could be pregnate......... Guess what prego she was!
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