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Bone loss in Jaw and removal of teeth

Insurance cost us so much each month, we could not pay for our own dental needs and went years without a dental check-up. My teeth had no issues, so I continued to go about my life and now that I am on Medicare, I can once again afford dental visits. My first visit the dentist told me I have severe bone loss and they want to remove all my teeth and add bone grafts from a cadaver to my jaw line and fit me with dentures. This is totally shocking, as I have no issues with my teeth at all. She said they should be loose, but I cannot move them by hand. I take Prevacid daily and have heard it contributes to bone loss. Does anyone have information on this, or on alternative treatments - or affordable treatments in other countries. They have quoted $36.000 for their suggested treatment. Please advise. Thank you.
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I would get a second opinion if I was you. That's a lot of money.
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We can not have actual dental clinics/dentists promoted here. thank you
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Alternative for affordable dental care? Go to a local university that has a dental school. They provide exam and treatment with supervised dental students. Great way to have affordable dental care. Same with hygienist schools which will provide free cleaning with supervised students.
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