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Can orthodontic cause TMD

First of all let me apologies in advance if I’m asking this question in the wrong area.

Anyway to my question: I was wondering if orthodontic corrections for misaligned teeth can cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction (T.M.D.). I ask because last year while I was on assignment in Thailand my wife decided to start such an orthodontic program due to the low cost in Thailand… yes I know big mistake and it was not decision! In any case she had extractions, received braces and temporary anchoring devices (TADs).
Now, 17 mouths later she is experiencing debilitating headaches as well as excessive pain in the general regain of her temporalis. This seems to be exacerbated by car rides, flights, humid weather, physical exercise and tightening of the braces!
Before anyone asks she was perfectly healthy and was NOT experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms before starting the orthodontic program. So I’m adamantly convinced this procedure has caused all ill effects.
Furthermore if this is TMD will removal of the orthodontic devices allow my wife’s mouth realign in a way such as to resolves the TMD? Moreover if this is not the case what treatments would be available and what area of medical expertise should we seek. I hope to resolve this matter as expediently as possible due to the ill effects this has had on my wife.
Additionally due to my wife’s poor condition we have very recently moved back to Toledo Ohio, maybe this will help in finding a specialist.

Thank you for your earnest and prompt response

Josh A
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Your descriptions suggest TMD related symptoms. Orthodontic and other dental intervention may be a risking factor associated with occurrence of TMD symptoms. Occlusal appliance therapy is highly effective for TMD. Seeing a tmj specialist or Orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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