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Can someone help with a sensitive tooth issue?

I do have some receding in my bottom teeth. I'm 64 years old.  Just had a dental cleaning and xray and no other problems were found.  This winter when I went outside for a short time in cold weather I developed some awful bottom teeth pain exactly ONE HOUR after coming inside.  It lasted for 10-15 minutes then went away.  I had this happen several times then I was fine as long as I kept my mouth closed or covered the entire time.  Recently I ate a frozen yogurt bar and the same pain happened exactly one hour after.  I could set my watch by this.  The dentist and hygenist were baffled.  Does anyone have an answer?
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Okay so are u suffering from the too much teeth sensitivity , the mainly reason behind the Tooth Sensitivity is due to your protective layer of tooth enamel is wear down , inner part of your tooth where the nerves was live. So as you mentioned your problems maybe this is occur due to a burst of air that aggravate the nerves cause a sharp pain.  

So here some tips you can try that to avoid your Teeth Sensitivity :

1.Try to drink with a straw
2.Breathe through nose when it too cold weather
3. Take the other Dentist Advice
4. Brush your Teeth which sensitivity control that helps to relieve Sensitivity and do it twice a Day
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