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Chipped Wisdom Tooth: Need Advice

So, as you can see from the attached picture I chipped my wisdom tooth awhile back(Last July I believe).

I don't have the money to get it extracted, and If I get it taken out I might as well have all 4 extracted because they're all pretty bad and might as well do them all at once.

The white spot in the back of the mouth..Not entirely sure what it is. I had strep throat awhile back and I'm afraid that it might have gotten down into my wisdom tooth and never fully went away? The white spot did go away but now it's back permanently for now so I would assume that's the case

I've heard you can do saltwater rinses which is what I have been doing for the time being to try and keep the bacteria count down..

Just kind of wondering what the best route would be to do at the moment to try and take care of this as best as I can . Trying to avoid further damage to my teeth at this point.

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I know that feeling, bro. It's frustrating how much wisdom tooth removal cost in United States, isn't it? Especially when you have no insurance. I have the same problem as you do, and after looking around I think my best shot would be going to Mexico and get it fixed there. It is a whole lot cheaper, although you still have to do some research to get good oral surgeon there.
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I would not go to mexico to get my wisdom teeth extracted. That is the worst advice I have ever heard. There is a reason they are cheap; they do not have the same standards of care. There are serious complications that can happen, like numbness of chin, tongue, and  face. THESE ARE PERMANENT!

The white spot at the back of your throat, it is not bilateral which makes me think it is a tonsil stone aka jolly body. google it.

Also, some general dentists will do wisdom teeth extractions. I would see if you could find one, in the US, as this would be a cheaper option.  I only suggest this because it looks like yours have erupted (are not impacted) and I as a general dentist I do this almost daily.  

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