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Chronic Sinusitis with recent root canal on crown tooth, dentist sees no infection.

Hello, I had replaced all childhood silver fillings with updated white approx. 2 1/2 years ago. There was one tooth, upper left back molar that he was unable to repair, and instead, replaced with a crown. Since that time, I have always been sensitive to that tooth, my tongue constantly touching it, and every time I mentioned it to the dentist or dental assistants, they say the crown and gum look fine. I have always had sinus infections in the past, they seem to come as the common cold for me.
Christmas 2018, I had a sinus infection which included an enormous amount of tooth pain. I couldn’t get insurance to skip to get me work in conjunction with a dentist for a CAT scan so I went the more affordable route and chose dentist who said I needed a root canal because there was an infection where the crown was placed.

I approved the root canal procedure, and have experienced terrible pain since the surgery. Presently, I have neck, jaw, arm pain in addition to swollen lymph nodes. Terrible sinus congestion, ears ringing, headaches, and sinus drainage.

I have been to an ENT, dermatologist, family practitioner, dentist, and think next week I need to find a chiropractor. My vision has also become blurred the last few months leading up to the big emergency root canal episode.

I feel that I need to pull this tooth regardless of what the x-rays say because something has never ever been right with this crown, but I am worried that I may be opening up a floodgate of sinus mess to an already weakened body.
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