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Cronic infection after wisdom tooth removal

My husband had his widom teeth removed over a year ago. He is fighting a cronic infection in his upper right socket area. The bugger just won't heal and stays infected. His surgen has looked at it over a dozen times and just says he doesn't know what it is. Every new batch of antibiotics gives my husband hives or rashes and he has to discontinue use.
He brushes, flosses, water-piks, and uses the prescribed oral rinse. He has been to an ear, nose & throat doctor as well. They cannot find anything wrong. Can anyone help please?
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This question might be better answered in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery section as the oral surgeon there would have more experience in the matter.  Usually a round of antibiotics would help the area heal up and let mother nature take its course.  But apparently that isn't working.  Have they tried doing a bacterial culture of the area to see exactly what type of bacteria is in the socket to find the best antibiotic?  Also, have they looked for remaining pieces of the tooth that possibly may be in there?
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Thank you for your answer. I really do appreciate your time. I am taking all of your advice :-)
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