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Dental mistake

Is there anything anyone would know about any infections after dental work that would cause headaches, weight loss, night sweats, irritability, joint pains, and a rash.  It all started after Dental work.  Thanks, Sweetpotatoe57
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What kind of dental work did you have done?

My mom developed severe heart probems and fatigue for a year or two from a root canal. Symptoms hit the next day. It was after a root canal, and it was probably a bacteria that found its way to the heart. She had to have an ablation as well because of the pericarditis and inflammation was triggering rare genetic heart problems.



Note: The ADA doesn't generally acknowledge potential serious complications, and many denists practice by what they say. Some see past the nonsense (more likely an MD DDS Oral Surgeon than your typical DDS).
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no. the infection would first appear at the site of the dental work and left untreated for long period of time you might get a symptom elsewhere. the symptoms you have should be evaluated by your doctor. it could be many things...leukemia or lymphoma, pagets disease, thyroid issues, menopause, reaction to medications. dental problems would not cause these problems.
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