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Extensive Dental Work Questions?

I have a 2 year old and as of late heard a second point of view for her - first dentist said all teeth required crowns, yet the second assessment we paid for personal referenced 14 crowns. I think 14 crowns is superior to 20, however I'm as yet not amped up for this...it's a ton of dental work I'm actually making some harsh memories with it. I actually don't have pictures as she won't allow me to look and they so far will not do x-beams except if they're under sedation. Obviously, they will know more after x-beams. I'm taking her to another dentist (that the second assessment dentist alluded me to) this week to ideally seek a treatment plan and everything since I was informed they take our protection, yet I don't feel a lot calm since I was at that dentist when I was a youngster. Well, that was such countless quite a while back (like quite a while back), yet I recollect that they didn't numb me enough to fill holes and I cried, yet they didn't quit working nor inquire as to whether I actually had any aggravation and never re-desensitized anything. All the desensitizing was finished before every one of the 5 holes, not each in turn before every depression bored. When they found time for the last couple of cavities, it's like the desensitizing wore off. Some other time, I went in with an insight tooth contamination as that is where my mother planned me and he jabbed the disease with one of his sharp devices and it cracked him out when I bounced and he said, "OK, that looks difficult." My mouth was pulsating once more. I'm somewhat terrified to take my own kid there, yet with respect to neighborhood puts that take our protection, it's what we have here. I attempted to get her in to see the dentist that was suggested continuously assessment as they said they heard a ton of beneficial things about him.
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This is not a discussion about your two year old child, correct? They wouldn't get crowns. At 2, needing that kind of dental care would be pretty huge. I did have one of my children need fillings on his baby teeth. He had two cavities at once. They actually gave him a little anesthesia because he has sensory issues and wouldn't tolerate them working on his teeth. But they were just fillings. I'd not have done anything more. They did paint his back teeth with a covering that helps prevent cavities. It is hard and stays on until his adult teeth push the babies out.
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