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I had 5 fillings and a crown build up (repair) done on 4/21/15  by 4/23/15 I developed the worst face (near sinus) and jaw pain.  Dentist said it could be from my bite, which felt completely normal.  I couldnt wait until the next day to see him so I went to an Urgent Care where they gave me Amox-Clav 875mg twice a day and Percocet for pain.  They were convinced I had an infection due to high fever and the antibiotics would heal it up.  It's now 4/29/15 and the pain is just as bad.  Percocet doesnt even touch it.  I am done with work at 10pm tonight, do I go to an Urgent Care?  Do I call my dentist in the morning?  On my appointment on 4/21 they found out I have a gum infection and need the deep gum cleaning.  Is it possible they aggravated my gums when doing the dental work making the infection worse?  
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Yes..... dental work is aggravating issue for sure...   dental work when experiencing infection.  Your problem lies in that it is most likely the dental issues causing infection as well. .  I'm so sorry for you... :(  

I am experiencing strange symptoms after fillings....face went numb, strange neuo sensations... pain in head that travels when touching, horrible head ache in back of head that feels like someone is hanging off the back of my head, heart rate issues, and more.   researching researching...and weekly visits to the cleveland clinic and now Metro in cleveland.   Local neuro suspected possible spontaneous spinal leak due to symptoms.  Clinic says MRI's of brain and spine do not show and sent me home for a month only to come back in month and repeat.  All while I sit here in pain?  No, I now am being seen by METRO in Cleveland...much more personable Dr's.... had an ENT appt with Dr this week.... they are at least continuing to try and figure this out.  

While every Dr. I've seen refuses to consider my dental visit being a possible reason for this onset of illness.....I have read otherwise and have been researching it when I can sit up long enough to do so. I am going to get my blood tested to see if I am having an allergic reaction to the fillings that were put in two days prior to symptoms started. I have gone to a holistic Dr. this month and she gave me the names of two labs in the USA.
Clifford Consulting Laboratory : www.ccrlab.com 719-550-0008, and Biocomp Laboratories, www.biocomplabs.com   1-800-331-2303  
They are both rather affordable, considering .  $295
I am going to get my blood tested to see what I may have a reaction to , and then compare to the product my dentist put in my mouth. They also provide you with a 75 page report on the products they tested your blood with which can help one find a composite that may work for you.   I have already obtained the insert for the composite material my dentist used.  

While I am going to continue with my Cleveland Dr's, I feel I have to rule this out to have peace of mind.

I would suggest you obviously find a Dr. that is willing to admit you.  I am HIGHLY suggesting you BEG to be admitted to hospital, and have them get to the bottom of this.  An infection such as that can not be ignored....I obviously don't need to tell you that.

Good luck !! xo
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Seeing a periodontist is advised.
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