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Facial swelling and pain 2weeks after RC still on antibiotics

I had a root canal done on an upper right tooth on 12/06.  It was very infected and the dentist couldnt get me numb and I felt the whole root canal process.  In the middle of the procedure the dentist even shot me through my canal into the bone marrow of my upper jaw to try and numb me and even that didnt work.   It took a few days but i eventually started to feel better.  

  yesturday 12/17 My face started to swell again, no pain but was very swollen.  Today it has gotten bigger, and there is now tenderness in my gum, my skin on my face and a small spot right under my lower right jaw, and now getting some ear discomfort.  I am currently on 300 mg clindamycin. I am to see my dentist monday, but being on antibiotics and these symptoms coming on so suddenly and getting worse has me alittle scared.  

Any advice?
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Call your dentist at home explain what is happening they should see you even though it's the weekend especially with swelling that is getting worse. It takes 3 days for the antibiotics to take full effect the tooth may need to be removed which sometimes happens with a badly infected tooth. An xray needs to be taken. You don't want to mess with infection and swelling I've seen people wait too long and end up needing IV antibiotics. Good luck!!
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