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Gum infection in tissue above wisdom tooth

I hade my lower wisdom teeth out due to an infection in the gums covering my wisdom teeth. I was given two different kinds of antibiotics before I got my wisdom teeth out. The antibiotics did not clear the infection up and the dentist that removed #17 and #34 stated he removed the gums with the infection on them and I wouldn't have to worry about it. lt has been four weeks and the rotten, bitter taste is back indicating my infection is back, or never really left. I followed all the steps (irrigation, brushing teeth, salt water rinse). I am not sure what to do now because if two sets of different antibiotics didn't help before I don't think they will now and I do not like taking them. My lymph nodes are swollen on my neck and down to my collar bone.
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Going back to your dentist to have a post op exam is advised.
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Go back into the dentist and have them take a look. I suspect they will remove (painless) the necrotic tissue that is smelly and tastes bad. Eventually the piece of tissue will slough off but since it's bothering you the dentist can just excise it to speed things along. As for the infection, if you still have it I'd definitely let the dentist know and get some prescriptions---one for a different antibiotic and another for Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution (prescription mouth rinse). Good luck.
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