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Hard to swallow?


I was at the dentist earlier today, to get an abscess looked at.

She drained, and packed the abscess etc, but during the process I felt my neck was starting to go into spasm, and my ears felt funny too, so I signalled for the dentist to stop. She proceeded to get an X-ray taken, and in the X-Ray, the tool she was using was stuck down my tooth, poking out the side! She said she thinks it is a crack in the side of my tooth, and this is what caused a lot of bleeding during the procedure.

Anyway, since I've came home I have swelling in the side of my face, a blocked ear, discomfort swallowing (feels like there is a lump or something), and a pain in my chest!

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance
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Call the dentist and report what's going on so she can advise you.  
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Call the dentist asap.
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