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Is Periodontal disease irreversible?

Since I haven't had dental insurance in many years, I've neglected my dental health. I do brush my teeth everyday, floss, and use mouthwash. Last year I had a back molar removed because I cracked it and could not afford a crown. My middle teeth on the bottom are beginning to shift. I had braces as a teenager and my teeth were very straight. My gums bleed on the bottom every time I brush. I know this is a sign a periodontal disease or maybe gingivitis? Also my kids will make mention to my embarrassment my breath has odor even if I just brush them. So my guess is I have underlying cavities. Because I still have no insurance and a job, I am wondering if their is anything that a dentist would prescribe or recommend over the counter. At what point is it too late? and are dentures the only cure?
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It's never to late. State assistance should help you get dental work done, at least the minimal for health reasons although they might not help with cosmetic needs/wants.

There are a couple things that you would just have to live with, but from what I have read and I could be wrong, you can reverse these issues with proper care from both you and a dentist.
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Thanks for responding. I will research my state's programs. I don't believe they help adults but its worth a look.
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