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Jaw pain a week after broken tooth filling

Good Evening,

Last week, one of my molars had a large chunk break off and I went to the dentist to get it repaired.  The dentist filled it and I received four novacaine shots. My teeth felt fine for a week following the procedure but now that it's a week later, my jaw is in constant pain. It doesn't hurt anymore or less if I open or close my jaw.  It's just a constant pain throughout the day.  Pain relievers and swelling medicine isn't helping at all.

Thanks for your help!
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Going back to your dentist to find out whether there is tooth crack or pulp infection is advised.
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I think there could be an infection that is causing the pain or due to the filling being 'too high' and needs to be adjusted.  Best thing is consult your dentist.
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If there are complications in your fillings always refer to the doctor.
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