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Non-impacted wisdom tooth extraction - Bad smell from the right nostril.

I had a non-impacted wisdom tooth extracted Saturday two weeks ago. Four days after extraction I started feeling a salty taste in mouth. I went back to the dentist who diagnosed a gum infection to the side of the extraction site. Amoxicillin was prescribed as well as Peridex. The gum infection subsided and following a second visit, the dentist said the infection was now controlled. I have however, when I press the gum on the side of the extraction site a very bad pus smell coming up from the right nostril, other than that I do not have any other symptoms. When I blow my nostril hard, the smell intensifies as if draining some infection, in the last days no phlegm comes out, other than some very bits from time to time. My amoxicillin was for ten days, and will be ending tomorrow. A third visit to the dentist led him to say there is nothing wrong, but the smell is driving me crazy as I’m afraid that the infection is becoming worse. Please help, I’m getting so desperate and have no idea what I should do. The smell has become more sporadic but still lingers a bit when blowing nose and pressing site. Thank you.
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Seeing an oral surgeon is advised.
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