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Numbness after Wisdom teeth

Please help!!! Pretty scared about this whole thing.

I'm a 32 year old male. Had 4 wisdom teeth removed on 8/3/2012 + an impacted/infected molar on bottom right.

Day 1 post op (day of surgery): slept mostly after surgery (8am)  but woke up later in the afternoon  and noticed the left side of chin/lip from corner of mouth to center of chin/lip was numb. This was different than the other side that was no longer feeling the anesthesia.

Day 2: No pain. The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of. JUST THE NUMBNESS and now my teeth feel like they are being squeezed together but only on the left bottom toward the front.

Day 3: Still no real pain but the numbness is getting me very very worried :( and the squeezed teeth feeling is still there. I have been noticing an itch every now and then but cant feel anything when I try to scratch it. Also, a tingle or crawling sensation every so often too. Is this a good or bad sign??

Day4: no change

I've read almost every post on here and some else where and am quite worried! Alarmed, panicked, scared, worried is more like it.

I will be posting on here with updates so others can gain from this, too. Any stories would be welcome!! ...especially the positive ones.
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Most post op nerve injuries recover within 6 months. However, early intervention of pharmacological management may help nerve injuries. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist or neurologist is advised.
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Thanks, scottma.
I see my surgeon this Friday, which will be 7 days since the surgery,  for follow up but I will also be seeking out other opinions... since he did the surgery I am afraid I can't get an honest assessment from him.

In your experience, have any of your patients had this? Typical duration?  I have read that this could be permanent and that TERRIFIES me!!  

I greatly appreciate your input!

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