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Oral Surgery (Post op question)

I just had surgery yesterday having all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. 3 were partial bony impacted, and 1 was complete bony impacted. My face was swollen today like normal but tonight, the right side of my face on my lower jaw became WAY more swollen than anywhere else.
I'm not sure what would cause the swelling, I only have 2 theories... One is that it would be infected? and the other is that I think the dentist said I would need to get x-rays on my follow up appointment because they may have left a piece of tooth inside one of my tooth sockets. He didn't say which socket, but if it was this one would it be possible that it would make it swell this much?

I'm planning on calling the dental office tomorrow if it hasn't gotten any better or if it's gotten worse.

Also, I don't know if it could be at all related but around the same time as I noticed this swelling, I've been having pain in my throat/upper chest...

Any input right now is appreciated, thanks.
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Thanks for the response. Makes me feel a little bit better, I wasn't expecting an answer tonight. I'm bout to go to sleep; I'll see how it is in the morning.

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coulda been alot harder to take those teeth out on the right side, maybe thats why you have more swelling.....could be many things, i would give it a few days and then see......as far as  your chest pain, i have no idea
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an extra piece of tooth in there wouldnt really cause the swelling....you look very normal to me, as a matter of fact i have seen much worse swelling, if a piece was left in there, it will eventually grow up toward the gum line and will dislodge itself it most cases, when you go back for your follow up if your still concerned just tell the dentist and they can take an xray to see if a piece was left in there

since you just had surgery yesterday, its kinda early to tell if you have an infection. just follow your after surgery care and you should be fine, you shouldnt expect some swelling for the next few day....use ice on your face to reduce swelling a little.
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