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I brought my 4yr old daughter to a pediatric dentist. He says that my daughter needs to have 7 crowns and her 2 front teeth pulled. I don't understand why the dentist won't attempt to put fillings in and the extremeness of  pulling teeth. My daughter has not pain with the decay/cavities... I don't get it.

Please help me understand!!!
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Without pictures or xrays I can only give you some general information.

If your daughter needs that much work, you would see the problems yourself.  Large black spots on the teeth with holes.  Why did your dentist say he wants to pull the front 2 teeth?

With primary teeth (baby teeth), a stainless steel crown is usually a better option than fillings, especially at her age.
1) Fillings only last 5-7 years, less in children.  And she will need to keep some of those teeth for up to 10 years until her permanent teeth are ready to come out.
2) Kids are juicy, they have tons of saliva that never stops.  Fillings need to be put in a dry enviornment, which is difficult to do with some children.
3) Primary tooth anatomy is different than permanent teeth.  This usually makes it much easier and more predictable to do a crown than a filling.

Overall though, these are questions your pedodontist should be answering.  If you do not feel like you are getting answers to your questions, find a different dentist.  The most important thing is to find a dentist whom you like and can trust.
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