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Periodontal Disease Transmittable

I understand that periodontal disease can be transmitted through saliva. I have a friend that has it, and I would like for her to spend the night at my place. We would be sharing a bed and blanket, my question is, is it possible to get periodontal from just being in a room with her where she coughs or sneezes, laying down in the same bed with her, or kissing her on the cheek?
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Periodontal pathogens can be trasmitted through saliva, but it does'nt necessarily establish a periodontal disease. Almost everybody harbors periodontal pathogens in the oral cavity.
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what does that mean? if i kiss a person with a severe periodontal disease several times, i wont get it? or is it only a chance that i wont get periodontal disease? and if everyone harbors periodontal pathogens, what makes it into a periodontal disease?
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Pathogenesis of periodontal disease:
periodontal pathogens
individual host factors
loss of benificial bacteia. Just name a few. Detailed information can be obtained from google search.
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Tarter and plaque is what causes periodontal disease.  It's the build up around the tooth base that allows the bacteria to start to irritate the gums and then, if left there, dissolve the bone.  

Because we all have this bacteria in our mouths all the time, you getting periodontal disease from someone else is very slim.  All you have to do is follow a good brushing and flossing regimen like we all do.

You won't get periodontal disease from another person if you take care of your own teeth.
It's only "catching" if your own oral hygiene is lacking.

Hope this helps.  
Best to you and your friend!
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Listen to Gellia, the info is correct.  But you cannot in any way get this from another person.  It's all about your own personal oral hygiene, even if your's is bad, you wouldn't get anything from her, you would have your own.  Just relax and keep up your good oral hygiene.
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Thank you so much :)
and just out of curiosity, how come a lot of people will say that you can spread periodontal through saliva? my dentist says that you cant, but on another forum, a dentist says that you can spread it and not to use their toothbrush.
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I don't know why, just use common sense.  You can transmit bateria from one person to another, but it won't cause periodontal disease.  Only YOUR lack of hygiene can cause you to develop this.  It is due to poor oral hygiene and this is the only reason you don't have it.
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what are those medicine to prevent or cure this periodontal disease?
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