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What are some of the long term issues people can have with a molar  gutta percha root canal overfill?  2.6mm long and in my inferior alveolar nerve. Very rear bottom molar, #18. Initially caused severe numbness, and rythmic shock-like pains through my chin and lip. Today after two corrective surgeries with bone grafting by an oral surgeon, the tooth is gone. Still  partial numbness in lip, and stabbing pains at injury site, dull ache in chin, and pain when eating and touching. Much improvement after gutta percha removal surgery and microneurosurgery. Neruontin, hyrdrocodones, percocetes, naproxin, and clonazapam is recommended. 7 months post injury. Underweight, depression, and medication side effects are secondary issues.  Does the pain ever go away?
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Unfortunately its possible that it may not heal properly.  Unfortunately nerves take a long time to heal and I would imagine that if it doesn't completely resolve in 6 months from the time the tooth was removed (not when the root canal was done), it may be permanent.  I would discuss your particular case with your oral surgeon to see what his prognosis is.  
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Thank you.
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