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Root canal infected?!

Two weeks ago I felt some pulsing feel on my 4 months old root canal tooth. When I press on the gum, it feels tender as well. I informed my ortho (who is also my general dentist who did this root canal) about it, she didn't took any x-ray but told me that it must be too stressed up by elastic.

Now, the tooth doesn't hurt anymore nor does the gum. It only hurts after wearing elastic. Therefore, I went to another clinic to took an x-ray to be safe as I'm gonna be out of country soon. The dentist say she can see small infection however it will be better if it can be compared to the xray taken before root canal. Therefore I showed it to her and she say the infection is larger before root canal. What she recommended now is monitor. Please advise guys ... I don't want to risk it hurting during my trip to Taiwan. If it is infected once again, I won't hesitate to pull it out. This tooth went through a lot after root canal procedure, it feels pain and throbbing the whole next day... It dies off after I took antibiotics and have been fine for last few months.

April 2018 (before root canal)


Current xray

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Seeing an endodontist is advised.
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Seeing an endodontist is expensive in Singapore. A simple consult cost SGD150.

I have already took an x-ray from a health-care center, I will show it to the general dentist who did my root canal next week. If it is still infected, I will get it pull out.
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