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Root canal or tooth extraction

Hello. I was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia after having rapid heartbeat, insomnia, panick attacks and head and chest pressure for 8 months. The doctor did not specify which type of dysautonomia it is but I thinks it is POTS. The symptoms started after the tooth infection which was very painful and it passed after few days of antibiotics. A day after antibiotc course, all these symtoms started. X ray showed infection under the roots of the tooth, but no dentist would treat me until I check my heart because I get shaky after painkillers are injected (i had one root canal procedure and now i have temporary filling which is almost gone). So now cardiologist advised to remove that infection as soon as possible. I have dentist appontment for tomorrow and not quite sure what to do. I think I want it removed and get an implant later, but every dantist I talked to says I must do root canal cleaning and save the teeth. Does anybody with dysautonomia has experience with root canals? I've red that they are toxic and even may be the cause of POTS as dead tissue is always present in the body. And if I'd choose to remove the tooth, did anybody had experience with that? Also, what can I do to feel less sensitive when I sit in dentist chair? I can't even breathe when I lay down and don;t think will be able to sit still. It is very stressful for me and I am afraid to get a panick attack. Also, should I ask for epinephrine-free pain medication?
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