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Root canal pain!!

I had a really bad tooth. the dentist I went to see capped my tooth without a root canal.
Then all this pain started in the tooth she capped.
I ended up seeing a new dentist because  the old one wasn't doing her job.
I was placed on Clindamycin for 3 months now.
The infection in the tooth has not gotten any better in the last 3 months!
I ended up needing a double root canal side by side. on tooth 9 and 10.
Tooth 9 had no pain at all, but once he did the root canal Thats  all i have is pain!!
I've been up all night in pain, it kinda feels like the nerve is running around up there.
And it really hurts to tap the tooth!!
Tooth 10 is fine it feels dead to the world no Pain at all.
But I cant get the pain in tooth 9 to go away, I've done 800 mlg of motrin, tylenol, everything!!
This pain will Not go away...Why am I in this much pain?
I thought a root canal was suppose to kill the pain, not cause more?
Please help...I'm ready to put my head through a wall!!

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You are right about them not wanting to give your money back, that is just putting them in a position where they did not do the service properly in what they were suppose to do for a patient.   No dentist will admit to any wrong doing, none of them will.  If you ever find a dentist who admits they did wrong then this is a true dentist, but most of them will not.

Even the one who put my crowns on stated to me nothing was wrong with the crowns and that if I wanted a smaller one on just because of the looks of it that I didn't like then he would put a smaller one on but I would jeopardise the nerve.  

Dec 16, 2008  he took an x -ray and told me I did not need a root canal. But guess what the nerve had already been jeopardised when he told me this. January 23rd I was told I needed two root canals 18 and 19.

I found it hard to believe after this dentist told me on Dec. 16, 2008 that I didn't need a root canal. So I got another opinion on that also after the occlusal ajustment.

After the occlusal adjustment my teeth started to feel fine, just sore but then I realized the soreness and swelling from the occlusal being too high was not going away.

Had this dentist removed this crown or crowns when I told him it was too high and  bulky feeling and moving when I ate back in October 2008, I may not have had all of the problems I am now in the process of resolving.    

I explained to him what he did over the phone and he denied that the crowns he put on my teeth were too high.  I  thought after the occlusal adjustment that everything would be okay, but it was not, that is when I eneded up with two root canals and am still trying to let the gum tissue and soreness heal.   It is not the root canals that is causing my pain, it is from the occlusal being too high that is still the culprit of my pain.

I just went back to the endodontist today and he stated it is my gums that are still sore and it is not from the endodontist treatment.   That leaves one thing. Still sore and tender from high occlusal. It's what started the whole process so I have to believe that this is what is still causing it.
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I have to defend some of the amateur doctors here, alot of what they say is true, it is hard to get a dentist to give you your money back. Also there is some pain with root canals for some, there was for me anyway, but it went away in a week after I took antibiotics.  I think it was infected to begin with (this is why root canals are done) and at the time of the root canal I did not take antibiotics before it was started.  Sometimes a dentist will have you do a completion of antibiotics before the rootcanal.  The sensation people feel come from the nerves found in the ligament that binds the tooth to the jawbone, not from inside the tooth itself.    

I am having a very bad situation where a dentist put two crowns on my 18 and 19 teeth.  Left in high occlusal too long caused me alot of problems.   It has been 9 months now and my gums and tissue are still sore and it feels bruised underneath.  I had to have both crowns replaced.

I am fighting a losing battle so it seems.  Some dentist are above the law. After I get done writing the attorney general and congress and trying to get help in other areas that are more politics than anything, I hope to get the word out to all who have been taken by dentist and start coming forward.  It is a shame what some dentist can get away with.
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6 months!!!!!!!  for anesthesia to get out of the system?   I don't think that is normal LOL

If it were me and I was still numb I'd be notifying my county dental dental society.  Someone told me they resolve issues with dentists who are incompetent.  I haven't had my problem resolved with my two inferior crowns that had to be replaced, but this is what I was told to do.  Notify my county dental society?   Then someone told me the state dental board.?   Then someone stated an attorney.  LOL

I was also told the people in this dental society  and state boards are all dentist so they back each other up and try to guard the incompetent dentist.   ???  Who do you believe?

Then I was told the attorneys don't really go against denist, before they go to court they already know the dentist is going to win. ???  bench 47 I guess is what they call it.

I've read some information on it, I find it hard to believe, but.............
The more and more I read about bad denistry the more afraid I am feeling about going back to any dentist.   I wonder how some of the get their licenses.  ?
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Guys --> Similar case with me...had a root canal done an year back...didnt get the capping done immediately...went for capping after an year and the dentist told me that the earlier root canal is partially done. So went to prev dentist and he agreed to do re root canal w/o any cost(wasn't that big a favor!). Now after 2nd sitting, my tooth is extremely sensitive to pressure. I have been thriving on buta-proxyvon for past 2 days. I have changed my dentist also, hope this dentist rectifies things. Any clues as to what would have happened?

Anybody please advice me on more thing --> its been 20 hrs since i've taken anesthesia...most of the numbness is gone, just a part of lower lip is still numb..evn after 20 hrs!!! What am I supposed to do??? is it gonna remain the same ???? me dentist says it could last for 6 months also....m really petrified!
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I am not sure what dentists you know, but the ethical thing would be to return her money if she is being referred out.  And I know plenty of dentist who would do that.  However, most of them are smart enough not to start a procedure they cannot sucessfully complete.  

Also not sure what amateur doctorS you are talking to, but I said she should have no pain, so reading is a skill you might want to work on.
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I hope you feel better. Now in reply to the amateur doctors who reply to these posts.  You should have almost NO pain after a root canal IF done properly.  The pain was caused by pressure and/or the nerve irritated.  A root canal is to remove the cause. Cause removed, pain removed. Simple logic most dentists do not have.  You mention loads of pain. THIS is not normal.  Your sloppy dentists likely went past the end of the roots.  Hopefully it will resolve itself...or it will linger, sit silently showing up later.
      Chances are the dentist AS VIRTUALLY ALL will not give you your money back.  He wil just say it was a difficult tooth that needs help from an endodontist who will take you on your next ride.  The only thing you may be free of next, is your money.
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I am surprised they put you on Clindamycin for that long, 10 days is usually enough.
What are you doing when you look for a dentist?  I might be able to offer some tips to find a good one near you.

You are correct in assuming that a root canal should not cause pain, at least not the kind of pain you describe.

I would suggest calling the second dentist and seeing what he says.  If he can offer a minor solution, go with it.  He may need to redo the root canal (without charging more).  If he is smart, he will give you your money back and refer you to an endodontist.
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Post -op pain associated with endodontic treatment may last a couple of days, rarely more than a week. OTC pain killer is generally effective.
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