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Sudden Teeth Problem

I woke up this morning fine. After a few minutes, I noticed a weird feeling in my teeth. When I clench my teeth, I could feel my front bottom teeth touching the top of my front top teeth. I can slide my bottom front teeth along the back of my top front teeth.

This has gone on for about twelve hours now. It feels uncomfortable when I eat, smile, or even rest my mouth. I searched this up and saw that other people have had the same issue. The result turned up stuff like TMJ, jaw problems, and grinding teeth.

I'm fifteen, and I don't normally don't grind my teeth. I had some teeth position problems seven years ago, and my last dentist appointment was half a year ago.

I don't know whether I should schedule an appointment, wait it out, or try to treat it myself. Could anyone tell me what may have caused this, and what my problem is?

Thanks in advance.
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It sounds like you were grinding your teeth in your sleep and may have hurt your tmj. I'd go to the dentist asap and while you're there have a cleaning and dental exam as well since you're overdue and may have some cavities or other problems brewing. Good luck.
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Yes I also feel the same as mommyofbhp.
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