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Teeth (& Face!) Still Numb 7 Days After Orajel - HELP!

Hi There,

Last week I used Orajel Severe PM Toothache cream for pain in my upper left canine and today, a full SEVEN days after using it, that tooth and two neighboring teeth are still completely numb. Worse, the numbness traveled up the left side of my face, causing a feeling of pressure and visible swelling along my inner cheek (where my cheek meets my nose).

I really don't think the tooth that originally prompted me to use the Orajel is the problem anymore, I've been taking antibiotics for 5 days and it doesn't hurt, I went to the dentist and x-Ray showed no infection (if there was one the antibiotics took care of it so it wasn't visible at x ray). Dentist suggested I had a bad reaction to the Orajel and that numbness and pressure will go away. Every night I pray that it will, but every morning I wake up worse.

To be clear, I applied the Orajel to the left canine tooth and surrounding gum area roughly 7-8 days ago, total of about 3-5 times.

I would actually be able to live with the teeth being numb but the feeling up through my face is unbearable.

It feels as if the Orajel got up under the gum of one of the neighboring teeth, which is a crown. It feels like it got lodged way up under the crown, aggravating the gum up through my inner cheek (to the left of my nostril) - all of this occurred w/in 24 hours of Orajel application, which is what leads me to suspect that Orajel is the culprit.

In addition to visible swelling along inner cheek, when I push down on the area w my fingers it is raised compared to the other side of my face (and hurts when I apply pressure).

In a nutshell: my teeth are endlessly numb, it feels like I've got a golf ball under my left nostril and it looks kinda like I was punched in the face - please help me! Even if I seek help where do I go? Dentist? Doctor? Specialist? Is it the Orajel? Something else?
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Seeing an Orofacial  pain specialist or neurologist is advised.
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